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I don't have enough time to put together a more substantial post today, so here are some more ways people have found me recently.

Anselm proslogion misinterpreted as philosophical argument
I'm not sure it's fair to treat the whole work as a philosophical argument, but it certainly contains many. Who is claiming that Anselm wasn't doing philosophy? That's patently false.

conditional love same sex parents emotional vampires
If this is looking for what I think it's looking for, then what does it have to do with same sex parents? The same argument has some pretty despicable implications about any adoptive parents. See Wink's post for a more detailed argument.

is there any evidence that pornography leads to perverted sexuality?
Doesn't the use of pornography itself constitute perverted sexuality? After all, wouldn't we consider it a perversion of our dietary appetite if we sat around and took great delight in the appearance of pictures of food while imagining what it would be like to eat it? How much more so when the object of desire is a person, who by the very nature of pornography is not taking part in the sexual goings-on. Now if it leads to other kinds of perverted sexuality, that's not something I know enough about.

which is the worst sin smoking or drinking
If those are your only candidates for the worst sin, something's wrong.

How can you get rid of a child without having an abortion?
The legal method is called adoption. The illegal methods are called infanticide and abandonment.

wat dose sex mean?


RE: Pornography. That's pretty quick, Jeremy. I don't even know that it'd be a perversion to behave in the way you describe about food. But even if it were, there may just be differences in appropriate behavior toward eating and. (You'd be a pretty weird person if you insisted on eating in privacy, behind closed doors, and being uncomfortable with other people seeing you eating. People would worry about whether you have healthy attitudes towards food. But that's the normal set of attitudes to have towards sex.)

I also don't think that the use of pornography requires, or even typically involves a person as the object of desire. I think the object of desire could easily be a kind of experience.

RE: Ways to get rid of children. You missed another legal one: develop it into an adult.

RE: sex and six. This reminds me of one of my favorite jokes. It doesn't translate into html well, though; imagine reading it aloud. Q: According to Freud, what is the difference between fear and sex? A: Fünf.

Have you read Thomas Nagel's paper "Sexual Perversions" in Mortal Questions? His account of perversion has always seemed pretty good to me, at least in terms of what it covers. (There might be perversions it doesn't cover.) It takes the normal case of sexual reciprocity as standard, and anything without that lacks the standard features enough to count as a perversion of some sort. It's clear that he doesn't think perverted sex is necessarily immoral (although I think there are good arguments for that with pornography), but I think he'd count pornography and masturbation (at least solo masturbation) as perversions simply because the desire doesn't involve reciprocity, whether you capture the desire the way I did or the way you did.

It didn't occur to me to include the extremely slow, normal way of getting rid of children. Of course, it doesn't get rid of the child qua person, but I suppose it gets rid of the child qua adult.


I always enjoy your search engine commentary. You've inspired me to do the same.

You wrote,"I also don't think that the use of pornography requires, or even typically involves a person as the object of desire. I think the object of desire could easily be a kind of experience."
Yes, you're right. The object of desire is a kind of experience...with a person. If the person was irrelevant as an object of desire then the substitution of any person in a pornography shot would make no difference in desire. This makes for a bizarre result. There's no reason to pit person and experience against one another as objects of desire.

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