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I've been telling several people for a while now that I wanted to put some of my genealogical research on my blog, but I never managed to get around to it, and it kept getting pushed to the bottom of things I wanted to blog about. Well, here's some of it. I was looking around for information on my ancestry, because we've long known about the last ten generations, but we never were able to get further back than the Pierce who came to this country ten generations back who we knew had been born in England. A while back, I found a site that did take his ancestry back quite a ways, and there were all sorts of surprises.

I should say one thing before I get into the details of all that. I place no significance in having certain people as ancestors. I don't think I have any reason to be proud of ancestors who were famous or who were wonderful people, and I don't think I have any reason to be ashamed of ancestors who were really awful people. These are people whose genetic heritage was passed on to me, and some of the people I could trace back to really surprised me, but I don't think this has any significance other than just curiosity about my forebears. But several family members have been wondering about what I came up with, so I wanted to put it all together online in one place, and here it is.

One starting point at the site with most of this information is here. It stops with William in my line, born in 1789 in what is now spelled North Kingstown, RI, my own hometown. One entire site is dedicated to the descendants of Richard Pearce in RI, my 10-great-grandfather. It also doesn't get more than several generations back from me, but like the first site it lines up exactly with other information my family has kept on their own. This second site is extremely slow, and last I checked the contact information for updating it was out-of-date. Another place with some information on Pierces in RI is here, but that's just scattered facts.

Here is my patrilineal line with the birth year of each. I have standardized the spelling of my last name to its current spelling in my family, at least in the colonies when Percy became Peirce or Pearce. Before that I've retained the original Percy.

Jeremy R. Pierce, 1974
Paul R. Pierce, 1943
Paul F. Pierce, 1916
Walter R. Pierce, 1876
Peleg F. Pierce, 1835
William Pierce, 1789
Giles Pierce, 1763
Giles Pierce, 1728 (served in American Revolution)
John Pierce, 1687
Giles Pierce, 1651
Richard Pierce, 1615 born in Somerset, England; arrived in Massachusetts 1630 with his father on his uncle Captain William Pierce's ship the Lyon
Richard Pierce, 1590 born in Pearce Hall, Yorkshire, England and settled in Bristol, RI; authored an almanac, the first book printed in North America
Richard Percy, 1570
Richard Percy, 1535
Peter Percy, 1500
Richard Percy, 1453 standard bearer for Richard III in 1485 Battle of Bosworth Field, England
Ralph Percy, 1426/27
2nd Earl Henry De Percy, 1392/93, 2nd Earl of Northumberland, Warden Marches of Scotland
Lord Henry "Harry Hotspur" De Percy, 1364, appears as soldier in Shakespeare's Henry IV
1st Earl Henry De Percy, Lord Marshal of England, 1341, 1st Earl of Northumberland; helped dethrone Richard II, conspirator against Henry IV
Baron Henry De Percy, 1320/21, fought in Battle of Crecy in France 1346
Lord Henry De Percy, Warden of Scotland, 1301, helped establish family of north guard vs. Scotland
9th Baron Henry De Percy, 1272/73, role in Scottish wars of Edward I, fought against Edward II
7th Baron Henry De Percy, 1235
6th Baron William De Percy, 1193
Sir Henry De Percy, 1159
Baron Joscelin De Louvain Brabatus, 1130, married the last of the line of De Perci and took her name to preserve the family name
Duke Godfrey I. "A La Barbe" Lorraine, Count of Brabant, France, 1060/1074, (one source said leader of the first Crusade, died in Jerusalem, but Wikipedia seems to indicate otherwise)
Count Henri II Lorraine, Count of Lorraine, 1021
Count Lambert II "Baudry" Louvain, Count of Louvain, 995
Count Lambert I Louvain, 952, born in Louvain, Brabant, Belgium
Count Raginerus III, Count of Hainault, 924
Count Raginerus II, Count of Hainault, 892
Duke Raginerus I, Duke of Lorraine, 860
Count Gilbert Brabant, Count of Brabant, 830, born in Brabant, France (province including parts of the Netherlands and Belgium today)

That's as far back as I've found for the male line. I discovered a very interesting divergent path if we just follow the mother of Raginerus I and her patrilineal path:

Duchess Ermengarde/Irmgard, Duchess of Moselle, 830, born in Lorraine, France
Emperor Lothaire/Lothair I, King of Italy, Holy Roman Emperor, 795/799
Emperor Louis I, the Pious, King of France, Holy Roman Emperor, 778
Emperor Charlemagne, Charles I, King of the Franks, Emperor of the Romans, 742

It goes back a ways before that, but once you hit Charlemagne everything else seems like window dressing. One path did lead to kings of Hungary and a Grand Duke of Kiev. I didn't expect ties to rulers in Eastern Europe. But one other thing was worth noticing if we go back before Charlemagne:

Pepin/Pippin III "The Short", Mayor of the Palace in Austrasia, France, 714
Duke Ansigesil, Mayor of the Palace in Austrasia, France, 602, married his cousin
St. Arnulf, Bishop of Metz, (see also here), Mayor of the Palace, 582

Yes, you read that right. One of my ancestors was a bishop, a Catholic bishop. He was appointed bishop despite not being a priest. He's also what Catholics call a saint. There's another bishop a few generations earlier, but he wasn't declared a saint.

I also found a line back to King Henry II, King Henry I, and then William the Conqueror:

Baron Henry De Percy, 1320/21 (see first list above)
Baroness Idoine De Clifford, 1303
Baroness Maud De Clare, 1276
Julian Fitz Maurice, 1249
Emmaline De Longespee, 1250 of Ulster, Ireland (yes, something is wrong with at least one of these dates, but that's what the site said)
Stephen Longespee, Earl of Ulster, seneschal of Gascony, 1216
William Longespee, Earl of Salisbury, 1173/6
King Henry II of England, 1133
Princess Matilda/Maud, 1103/04 (empress of Holy Roman Empire through first husband)
King Henry I of England, 1068
King William I, William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, King of England, 1024

From him there's another line to Charlemagne via Emperor Charles II (The Bald), but it's more interesting to me to give the one that's almost entirely patrilineal except for Charlemagne's granddaughter. I've found at least five different paths to Charlemagne and at least three to William the Conqueror (and a fourth to William's mother), which reminds me of my point from very early in this blog about how those who question the genealogies of Jesus because of their divergent paths really know nothing at all about genealogies.

Another famous personage is in my ancestry, as follows:

Princess Matilda/Maud, 1103/04, daughter of King Henry I (see next list above)
Princess Matilda Atheling of Scotland, 1079
Máel Coluim mac Donnchada, King Malcolm III of Scotland, 1033, died in Alnwick, Northumberland, realm of the De Percies
Donnchad mac Crínáin, King Duncun I of Scotland, d. 1040, killed by Mac Bethad (Macbeth)

A few other kings of England come in if you got to Henry I and then to William I a different way:

Ralph Percy, 1426/27 (see first list above)
Countess Eleanor De Neville, Countess of Northumberland, 1407
Countess Joan De Beaufort, Countess of Westmorland, 1375
Duke John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, 1340
King Edward III of England, 1312
King Edward II of England, 1133
King Edward I of England, 1239
King Henry III of England, 1206
King John I Lackland of England, 1167
King Henry II of England, 1133
Princess Matilda/Maud, 1103/04 (empress of Holy Roman Empire through first husband)
King Henry I of England, 1068
King William I, William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, King of England, 1024

but here's the real kicker:
King Edward III of England, 1312 (see list immediately above)
Queen Isabella of France, 1292
King Philip/Phillipe IV of France, the Fair, 1268
Princess Isabella Aragon, 1243
King Jaime/James I, King of Aragon, the Conqueror, 1208
King Pedro/Peter II, King of Aragon, 1176
Sancha of Castile, 1154
King Alfonso VII, King of Castile and León, 1104
Queen Urraca, Queen of Castile and León, 1082
King Alfonso VI "the Brave", King of Castile and León, 1039
Sancha Infanta of León, 1013
King Alfonso V, King of León, 966
King Bermudo II, King of León, 953
King Ordoño III, King of León, 926
King Ramiro II, King of León, 900
King Ordoño II, King of Asturias, Galicia, and León, 873
King Alfonso III, the Great, King of Asturias, Galicia, and León, 848
King Ordoño I, King of Asturians and Galicia, 830/1
King Ramiro I, King of Asturias, 790
King Bermudo I, "el Diacono", King of Asturias, 750
Duca Fruella, Duca di Cantabria, died 765
Duke Pedro, Duke of Cantabria, no date
King Ervik, King of the Westgoth, d.687
Ingunda of Austrasia, c.567
Brunichilde, 552
Galswinthe of the Vandals, 538
Hoamer of the Vandals, c.480
Eudoxia, 440
Emperor Valentinianus III, 419
Galla Placidia, 390
Emperor Thedosius I "the Great", 347, who made Christianity the official religion of the empire
General Flavius Theodosius, Roman General, 325, aka Theodosius the Elder


Galla Placidia, 390
Emperor Valentinian I, 321
Gratian the Elder, military leader in Gaul and North Africa

So now we've ended up with three real Roman emperors (not just that Holy Roman stuff), and this is really early. I would never have expected to trace my ancestry back much before the 1650s, and I figured if I could get back to England it wouldn't be very far back. I now know of one of my ancestors whose son was born in 321. That means he may have been born in the third century.

I haven't investigated this, but those who really want might look here for the supposed Muhammadan descent of Elizabeth II, which may provide enough information to work it to my line too.


This is shockingly cool!

You should count up how many Shakespeare characters you have as ancestors.

I heard that one of my great-aunts did some interesting research a while back about my family. I'm told there's a samurai involved. But yours is way more impressive.

Have you ever seen the tombstone or heard of the pirate that is buried on our family farm in RI? I found it as a kid and I can never remember his name. I asked Aunt Dot and my Grandfather Walter who he was and I do believe they said he was a relative of ours. The only thing that I remember is that he was around in the 1600-1700 time period. Thanks for posting this. It gives me alot to look into.

I've never heard about that. I bet my Uncle Steve (your dad's cousin) would know if anyone does.

St. Arnulf has a nice entry in the 1907 Catholic Encyclopedia, I notice.

This is really quite impressive; tracing back more than a few centuries is usually quite hard. You seem to have had a bit of luck and put in a good deal of work. As you say, having famous ancestors isn't particularly interesting in itself, but I always like genealogies, because they give such a sense of historical context, and also a sense of just how much the human race, for all its diversity and numbers, is still a family. For similar reasons I often say that the genealogies in the Bible are one of the greatest (although also one of the subtlest) portrayals of the work of divine providence we have. We really do take away something from them that we couldn't without them.

Jeremy, thanks for putting this up, it's quite remarkable. I must say it's well worth the wait. As my brother said above, it gives us a lot to check out.

Thanks for the link, Brandon. It didn't occur to me to link to online sources about some of these people, but I think I'll go back and do that now.

Jeremy, this is impressive. I thought I was doing well to get back to the 15th century in the male line, thanks to some hard work by a relative who put this together.

But bear in mind that if you widen things beyond the male line your number of ancestors increases exponentially, doubling in each generation. Very likely you are descended not only from the Roman Emperor Valentinian I but also from a high proportion of his subjects - almost every one who has any family line at all surviving today. In your case, some of the lines have clear links to famous people whose genealogies have been recorded, but most have not.

Also, given some of the names mentioned here, you can surely link yourselves into the Merovingians and thence into their claimed descent from Christ himself. I'm not suggesting that you believe the Da Vinci code rubbish, but then some of the links you list above may be just as tenuous. And of course the British Israelites have genealogies linking the British royal family to the house of David, and if you borrow from them you can trace your ancestry not just to David but right back to Adam.

Meanwhile you still have relatives back in the home country, that is, the one you adopted in the 12th century. The current Duke of Northumberland is Ralph George Algernon Percy, and is worth £300m. His son George Dominic Percy, Earl Percy seems to be close to the current royal family. According to Wikipedia as well as my own understanding, this is the same Percy family as Harry Hotspur.

I think most of the people alive today who are descended from someone in Middle Ages Europe will turn out to be descended from most people who were alive in Middle Ages Europe who have descendants alive today. When you extend that back to the Roman empire, you're probably right that it's virtually everyone in that part of the world with living descendants from that time. That's yet another reason to place little significance in ancestry in high places, because that's just the ancestry you know about because it was recorded. There's going to be plenty of ancestry in low places also, and some of the people in high places were some real scoundrels anyway, particularly some of the Percy family. But I do think it's nice when it can be traced out.

I'm sure the Mohammed stuff I linked to is tenuous. I'm guessing that most of what I listed is not, with some of the more ancient ones a little less sure. But enough of them are royalty of some sort (once you get back far enough that it might feel more tenuous) that it's probably coming from pretty good sources most of the time. The biggest worry I would have about it is that some of these children were fathered by someone other than their official father, i.e. their mother's husband, as may well have happened with Edward IV.

Something like seven generations back in the line of the current Duke of Northumberland, a Seymour changes his name to Percy for the sake of the title. His wife wasn't a Percy either. It's got to be way back that they connect up with my ancestors.

Sorry if my attempt to link you up with rich distant relatives doesn't in fact work out. But then could you have a better claim to the dukedom than the recognised Duke? Worth a thought!

Well, even if you just go back to my great-great grandfather, I can disprove that claim too easily. He only had one son, my great-grandfather, but my great-grandfather had two sons, my grandfather and his older brother Walter. Walter's son Don, my dad's cousin, is the father of Ken and Danny who commented above. Any title my great-great-grandfather might have gotten would now be rightfully possessed by my their dad. Their older brother Kevin would be next in line. It would have to work through all of their family (which includes four or five brothers, I think) before going to my oldest brother. Then it would have to go to my three other older brothers (two of whom have sons) before getting to me.

Now figure out what happens when you've got many of my ancestors in the patrilineal line who weren't olders sons going back before my great-great grandfather. I don't think I'd be the rightful heir to any titles short of some major disaster that wipes out much of western civilization.

Jeremy, have you followed all the matrilineal lines as well? If so did you go to the first wife and then follow that patrilineal line? Then move onto the next mother down the list and follow that patrilineal line? I followed the original patrilineal line back as far as it would go then followed the line to all the Kings. I was just wondering how far you went with following some of the other matrilineal lines. I understand this can be a huge undertaking (one which I plan to go through). Any suggestions on an efficient organized way to do this? I copy and pasted the lines to a document with all the biographies that were given. I did 2 separate documents. One was for the original patrilineal line and one that followed the Duchess Ermengarde/IrmgardIf patrilineal line. If this sight has the info this could blow up into one massive tree!! Again, thank you for the work that you did. It amazes me how many of our ancestor's had only one son and the line was able to continue. Also, do you have any hypotheses as to where our orignal patrilineal line went after Count Gilbert Brabant?

I tried to follow all the possibilities. It probably took me a few weeks to work through it all, and I'm sure I missed some of them. The way you suggest is as systematic a way as any.

I don't have information at this point before this particular genealogy, but I haven't tried any web searches on the names at the endpoints.

I'd love to get a copy of the document when you're done. I didn't keep careful records of what I was looking at.

The confusion about "Duke Godfrey I. "A La Barbe" Lorraine, Count of Brabant, France, 1060/1074" is not surprising. But the leader of the First Crusade was not him but another Godfrey who seems to have been born in the same year, Godfrey of Bouillon.

Now if you had been able to claim descent from Godfrey of Bouillon (unlikely, because he seems to have died childless), you might have had some kind of claim on an even exalted ancestors than Roman emperors and kings of England, Scotland, France and Spain. For according to "The Da Vinci Code", and I think "Holy Blood, Holy Grail", Godfrey of Bouillon was a descendant of Jesus Christ himself!

Unfortunately some of my favorite people whom I might otherwise have had a hope of being descended from died childless (or died with their children already having died childless, as in the case of Augustine). Dan Brown doesn't seem content with that sort of thing, though.

Well, Godfrey of Bouillon died childless, but his full brother Eustace III of Boulogne, who shared his ancestry, had a daughter Matilda who was the wife of King Stephen of England. She is not the Princess Matilda you have listed, and the immediately following kings of England were not descended from her, but she did have descendants including Henry II, Duke of Brabant (who also, and like you, was descended in the male line from Godfrey I of Lower Lorraine), who had numerous descendants among minor royalty of the Low Countries and Germany - and no doubt through some of them into the modern British royal family. But I can't find a link into your genealogy; the nearest is that Philip IV of France's stepmother was from this line, but his actual mother was Isabella of Aragon through whom comes your descent from Roman emperors.

So if we want to look for modern traces of God's DNA (I was going to give a Hat Tip for this link, but the comment which linked to it seems to have been deleted), we can't test you, but perhaps we should test the British royals! But then I wonder why I can't take seriously this bit of "Tomorrow's News Today".

Matilda? That's cool. I am so envious of how far back you and your family have traced. I thought I was doing good by going back to 1345, until we found a problem and had to come all the way back to 1658 when my ancestor first landed in Virginia.

Isn't it kind of thrilling to think one of your ancestors may have worshiped with early Christians?

Great stuff. I have also done this research, although took me to some different places as well... I am descended from CPT Michael Pierce. Maybe he's the guy buried in the back yard that blogger was talking about? I read he had been killed at the Battle of Rehoboth.
Anyway, it validates alot of what I have looked up. I also visted the family home at Percy, France. It still stands there, although a Pierce doesn't own it today, (not yet...)
The people who lived there were quite nice and I took some photos with my kids. They hadn't met any American Pierces. So it was cool to be possibly the first ones back, at least for awhile. As for the significance, I think it is siginificant in showing that many, many poeple from this line have done some pretty amazing things. Let's keep the rally going!

Not sure if you all had seen this, but if you go back to William de Percie's time and his grandparent or thereabouts is Rollo the Viking. from him I traced it right back up to a couple hundred BC, with the King of Kvenland (Finland) when he helped some Russian King and and his descendants became the Sea Kings.

I was busy raising an army to take over my rightful position as monarch of England. But then I noticed that Marguerite Coney seemed to be married to her son? And a Richard was 85 when he fathered his son. Pearce Hall is a little hard to find. I think I had it on Google maps but then I lost it.

Anyway, it is a great way to learn real history.

Jim Bullis

I am very interested in beginning a similiar project to what you've done here. I only have record so far back about 5 generations, so only back to the mid 1800's. Any general advice you can offer on where to begin would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot in advance for any help you can give. Thanks!


Chris, I have some family records, but the only way I got all this information was from using Google. Search for the names of ancestors you know about, and try a few helpful keywords related to genealogy or family tree. You might get some sites that won't do anything for free, but if there's information out there you'll probably find something.

I just wanted to say that you have done a remarkable job on this site, and to keep up the good work. Richard Pearce born 1590 would be my 11th Great Grandfather. My grandmother was born and raised in Michigan.


Jill McMillen

the peerage.com is very useful!

Fascinating! My family records are limited, so I am trying to augment with DNA analysis. This has connected me with a branch of the Pearce/Pierce family in America who can trace roots to a 1660 immigrant from Wales. Best wishes to all my cousins! JRP.

Good work! Richard Pearce born 1590 is also my 11th Great Grandfather but my family stayed in Bristol.

Wow this is so awesome! I have been searching my Pierce's and can't get past my GGrandmother, Savannah Vandessa Pierce! I have had quite a few leads but no one will claim her! Been at it 20+ yrs! Congratulations to you!

My name is Sandra Pierce. My sister has been doing a bunch of our family line on my fathers side (Pierce) and our heritage is through De Percy's as well and goes back along a similar route as you've stated here. We may be related...LOL You know of ancestors who headed out west?

Excellent work!! Richard Pearce is also my 11th Great grandfather born 1590.. I wonder how more family tree's he is linked to?

Richard Pearce (1590) was my 10th great-grandfather. My paternal grandmother was a Pearce. Her 4th great-grandfather, Thomas Pearce, served in the American Revolution and then moved from Virginia to Ohio. He was one of the original settlers in what is now my hometown of Urbana, Ohio (we've been here ever since). I believe Thomas was born in Frederick, MD, where the family lived for awhile before moving on to Virginia. His father, Jeremiah, was born in NJ and his father, Daniel, was born in Albany, NY. Daniel's father was Joseph and his grandfather was Nehemiah, born in 1640-42 (not sure where they were born). Nehemiah lived in Fort Orange, NY (now Albany) and purchased land there in 1625, so I assume Joseph was born there, but don't have any documentation. Nehemiah was the son of Richard Pearce (1615) and Susanna Wright. I was very interested to see how far you have traced back from this Richard and his father, Richard (1590). I read that some of his sons settled in Rhode Island and it is interesting to find out there are still quite a few of you there! I would love to hear from anyone that can fill in some of the blanks between Richard and Thomas in Ohio!

I just read this list again, and realized you were born in 1974. You're not nearly as old as I thought you were...

My 9th great grandfather was also Richard Pierce (1590). I have a disc of the Pierce family genealogy book that was done in 1927. My brother has the orginial book. We are from different arms of the Pierces after Richard. I also have a 4th great grandfather who served in the American Revolution from RI. The family then made its way out to Wisconsin. If you would like a copy of the disc, just let me know.

Hello...has anyone found this Pearce Hall, Yorkshire England or where it was located?
Thank you.

Thanks so much for posting your research. I think you saved some people a lot of work, self included.

My Pierce family side goes back to Captain Michael Pierce, Brother of Captain William Pierce in America. My Grandmother tells me that he had a part ownership in the Mayflower.

I've been trying to connect family members and share history, research, photos and stories by starting a Facebook Group. I hope you will join us. I would love to get to know you more and hear your own stores, see photos of your family and connect with one another.

I never really knew that much about Captain Michael Pierce other then everyone kept repeating his name and saying he was part of the Mayflower. Well, I never heard of him in the history books and I kept saying well, I can't find him. Thanks to the internet, I found all kinds of information that might have been lost forever had people like yourself and other's not posted it. For that, I thank you and invite you to come join in some fun with Pierces on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/groups/305223212875428/

I've been researching my maternal line for 40 years, our family spelling it Pierce. My grandfather told me a yarn 50 years ago about pirates in our history. Ken Pierce, Jan 7, 2007, mentions a pirate's grave. I always believed my grandfather was serious but cannot find any reference other than that many of the Pierce line were sea captains. Does anyone have a further evidence of pirates? I'd be excited to find it true.

Other than William, I don't know much about that, but maybe he had a child or grandchild who was a pirate. I think he may have eventually had a falling out with the British authorities, but I don't think he was a pirate.

I just found this blog and to say the least am so impressed. I have for close to 15 years tried to research my line of PIERCE, without much luck. Finding all this information just floored me; thnak you for posting your information.

Would you agree that any line of PIERCE'S in America belonged to one of the three brothers? Did they settle in different parts of US. I am never able to tie to any PIERCE line, (some due to my own lack of knowledge). I have only been able to go back to 1850 and no further. Sandra (Pierce) Parks 1952> Milford Pierce b. Arkansas, 1929 - 1964;> Basil Newton Pierce b. AR 1899 - 1960 > Millard Franklin, (or possibly Franklin Millard) Pierce b. either AL or LA 1855/56 - 1900, (died in AR). And here is where I lose the thread. I have found a possible father for him being William T Pierce b.1832 -1865 but cannot substantiate that.

My question to you is how does one get past these brick walls; no one in my family ever knew much more than what I have found already.

Well, my main purpose was to tell you what a wonderful job you have done and how facinating the reading was. Thank you!

Secondly, if you have any idea where I should go or what I should now try, I would love to hear your suggestions.

I'm not sure where to look without spending money. I happened to know the generation in my line that came here, and I was able to connect that up with existing online records. I do know that other Pierce lines exist in the U.S., including the one that gave rise to President Franklin Pierce and later Barbara Pierce Bush (George W. Bush's mother). There's no connection between my line and that one in this country. I'm sure there are others not connected with either of those lines as well. It's common enough name. But it may well be that other Percy family members are involved in most of them. I haven't looked into it in enough detail to be sure about much more than what I've already said.

The early Percy/Pearce lineage in Britain is very interesting. Several books say that Richard Percy changed his name to Richard Pearce and founded Pearce Hall in York, England around 1500. “The Pearce Genealogy being the Record of the Posterity of Richard Pearce” by Col Frederick Pierce, published in 1888 is the oldest book with this name change that I am aware of. However, this book has a VERY BAD reputation in the genealogy community and it does not list any references for the Percy to Pearce transition. Lots of other books and articles include this but they do not indicate their source. I expect that they just copied the data from the 1888 book. Also, these books indicate that he is an ancestor of the Richard Pearce who was in R. I.

This book has the following data:

Peter Percy born in 1447 who died in 1486 had a son named Richard (1) Percy. There are lots of books indicating that Richard Percy founded Pearce Hall in York (Yorkshire) England. He is in the Lord Northumberland lineage.

Richard’s (1) son also named Richard (2) who was born around 1565 at Pearce Hall became known as Richard Pearce.

Richard (2) had a son named Richard (3) who was born in 1590. He had a son also named Richard (4) who was born in 1615 in Bristol, Somerset and moved to Rhode Island prior to 1650.

There is good data for the Pearce lineage from Richard who was in Rhode Island. I have ample data on my Pearce lineage in America, but no good sources for any of the British Pearce people that came to Rhode Island in the early 1600s.

I have The Pearce Genealogy book as a Word and Wordperfect file that I will gladly share. Also, I am in the Mayflower society to John Alden and Richard Warren via Betty Simmons (b 1732/22) who married Samuel Pearce (b 1733/34) in Rhode Island. I’ll gladly share that data too. Also, our Pearce lineage ties to John and Richard via Mary pearce who married William Simmons and Experience Pearce who married Ichabod Simmons.

I have a lot of data on my Pearce lineage from R.I. to James Pearce who moved to N.C. around 1790 to Samuel who moved to Tennessee around 1830 to Jeremiah Dillon Pearce who moved to Arkansas in 1868 to my Grand Father Hubert Pearce who lived in Arkansas that I will be glad to share.

I can be contacted at: pearceww@rmi.net for E-mail.

Does anybody have good source Documents for the Pearce - Percy lineage and the Pearce folk in England?

I am a Pearce descendant. My 5th grandparent was Loma Deborah Pearce. Like many Pearce descendants I knew we had a lineage dating back to the early colonists. Recently tracing back my lineage I ran into two parental routs from Daniel Pearce (born 1702, Albany, NY, wife Nancy Bussing) to Richard Pearce (born 1615, Bristol, England, wife Susannah Wright). The first path identifies Daniel's father as Joseph Pearce (born 1625, Albany, NY, wife UNKNOWN), his father was Nehemial Pearce (born about 1640, England/America, wife UNKOWN) and his father was Richard Pearce (born 1615, wife Susannah Wright). The second path identifies Daniel's father as Isaac Pearce (N/A), his father was Jeremiah Pearce (born 17 Nov 1656, wife UNKNOWN) and his father was Richard Pearce (born 1615, wife Susannah Wright). Can anyone lead me down the right path? I would also like to know who their wives were. Hope to hear from you.


for ---> Michael Pierce

Have you solved the mystery of Captain Michael, Captain William, John the Patentee, Thomas and their relationship to Richard Azrika, Marguarite Coney and Anteress LasCelle? I have been working on this controversy for over 20 years and would love your help:) Have a great fourth!

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