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From Ian Vandewalker, the greatest minds of all time now have great bodies to match. For the ad-free version, see the mirror site. The action figures used in the pictures looked awfully familiar to me. We used to take our figures apart sometimes and exchange their heads and arms, so this isn't all that different from that. It was a lot easier with G.I. Joe than the Masters of the Universe and similar ones used here (I believe I detect some Lost World of the Warlord bodies as well, and there are some that don't look familiar to me at all). As the John Locke entry says, "a barrel-chested action figure with an enormous wig is objectively funny."

Descartes has an excellent accessory, an immaterial mind that you can't see or touch. Wait, the toy is actually conscious?

I have to love Augustine's weakness: "inability to do anything that will earn the divine grace necessary to make up for original sin". In other words, he doesn't have any weakness that his opponents don't also have. I guess that's just one more reason to consider him my favorite philosopher in the history of western thought.

I was slightly disappointed with the entry for the greatest modern philosopher, G.W. Leibniz. It focuses on his original views rather than what he spent much of his time on, which was defending traditional views. He does have an interesting pseudonym, however: G. Dubya. That way he can line up with the greatest president of the 21st century.


Berkeley's listed alliances include "Catholic Church." I hope that's a joke.

Virtually everything there is a joke of some sort, but why do you hope this one in particular is a joke? Wasn't he a Catholic bishop?

He was an Anglican bishop, but as I recall rather amicable to his neighboring Roman Catholics.

Huh. I always thought he was Catholic for some reason.

Berkeley always tried to be a peace-maker in the Protestant-Catholic tensions in Ireland, but I have a vague recollection of some rather negative remarks about the Papacy; I think it was in the Alciphron. As much as he was a peacemaker, he was definitely a Protestant.

I'd like to see some psychoanalysts and later continental philosophers

Ps: I'd be willing to help. If you want to send me some body pics, I could try my hand at the rest. Let me know.

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