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Tyler Williams reviews commentaries on Genesis. Tyler is a bit more positive about Walton that I'd want to be. I'm a bit disappointed with Walton's NIVAC in terms of the series' general strength, which is supposed to be contemporary application (and bridging the context from original meaning to contemporary application). Walton seems to have a very strained view of how much contemporary relevance Genesis has. Other than that, I think I agree with pretty much everything else Tyler says.

If you're interested in commentaries and haven't seen his Old Testament Commentary survey, you should take a look at that too. His Genesis post is basically an update to his entry on Genesis in that survey.

Update: Tyler has a followup post that adds a few more commentaries and then offers some thoughts in forthcoming commentaries on Genesis, including some information on when some of them are likely to be out.


I am new to reading commentaries but I think that Walton is quite good in terms of presenting the basic line of Genesis as an introductory commentary. He helps to see the wood and not just some trees. It helped me to see the main story of God's grace and provision in the lives of the patriarchs and God's rule in history.

But I agree with you that the emphasis on application in Walton's book is small which probably digresses from NIVAC's intentions. There is also an unbalance, because chapters 1-25 are covered in 500 pages but chapters 26-50 just in 200 pages.

I bought Wenham, Waltke and Walton according to your recommendation and it was quite a good leading to reading Genesis. Walton gave the basic story, Wenham gave the details (plus the counterbalance) and Waltke gave some interesting remarks as well as outlines for expositors. I do not regret I bought any of them.

But I have not read any others besides those three so I do not know if there is someone better than Walton in terms of application or introduction. Anyway, thanks for your page and your comments.

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