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I had to use my limited blogging time today to put together some scattered pieces of my dissertation for the commentator at a dissertation workshop some of the junior faculty in my department have set up for me next week, so we'll go with some more searches today.

list of greek plays that involves greek women withholding sex from their spouses as part of a war protest?
Huh. I'm guessing that there might actually be one such play, or you probably wouldn't have come up with such an unusual search on such a specific topic, but I very much doubt there's a long list to be found.

priest are suppose to tithe not congregation according malachi ch 3:1-10
Never heard that one before. Even if the passage is directed to priests, how is that supposed to show that other people aren't also supposed to tithe? It's pretty clear in the Torah that the congregation's tithe supported the Levites, the Levites' tithe supported the priests, and the priests' tithe supported the temple. So even if the priests were being called to the carpet for not tithing, how is that supposed to show that the congregation isn't supposed to tithe?

What happened to the Tabernacle when the Temple was built?
Actually, the tabernacle seems to have been gone long before the Solomonic temple was built. They seemed to have had a structure built during the time Samuel was serving under Eli in the early chapters of I Samuel, and some of the psalms attributed to David's early period speak of being in God's temple. They did have another tentlike structure for a while after David moved the ark to Jerusalem and before Solomon's temple, but I wouldn't assume it was the same tent.

Jesus doesn't believe in forced charity
What about "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's"? Surely tax money amounts to forced charity. Your money is being taken and used for the good of others. It wouldn't be taxation but forced investment if your exact amount had to be used just for your own good. No system of taxation has ever tried to replace forced charity with forced investment.

is smoking bad for someone with gall bladder problem
What, is having a gall bladder problem supposed to protect you from the harms of smoking?


That play: Trojan Women.
Never read it, but I was always amused by the idea.

Who ever heard of a list, though?

I've heard of the play too, although I couldn't remember the name. Who's it by?

I'm not sure how only the priests tithing would work. Most ministers in the churches I attend have no income aside from that coming from the congregation's tithing. Doesn't seem like it'd work if no one else contributed.

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