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Tell me why their is nothing wrong with interracial marriages
When there are no remotely plausible arguments against something, the burden of proof lies with those who think it's wrong, not with those who do not. Asking such a question is like asking someone to explain why there's nothing wrong with cutting your toenails

is it rape if he's 18 and im 16
No, there needs to be some sexual conduct for it to be rape. Merely being certain ages wouldn't do it. [It also depends on the state. Some states allow sex between someone who is 18 and someone who is 16. Also, if you're married (to each other) that counts as an exemption.]

ESV finally a bible in my language
Is there anyone still around old enough to have grown up long enough ago to consider inverted negatives to be their own language?

What was adam's wife on December 24
Christmas Eve Eve?

does the bible say it,s wrong to do genealogy
Wow, I get some pretty biblically illiterate searches coming to my site, but this one takes the cake. You have to stop reading the Bible before Genesis chapter 5 if you want to avoid seeing any extended geneaologies (and there are even short ones before ch.5). You can't get very far into the two longest gospels (Matthew and Luke) before you see them as well. One book even begins with nine whole chapters of geneaologies (Chronicles), and they have special prominence in Numbers, Ruth, and Ezra-Nehemiah as well.

Where can I submit my paper to find out if i plagiarized?
So did you lose your memory of the period during which you wrote the paper, and you can't remember if you stole someone else's words, intending to pass them off as your own?


I think the search question about genealogy has to do with the issues Paul addressed in 1 Timothy 1:4 and Titus 3:9, which can be puzzling considering all the occasions that you mentioned.

Yes, I'm sure that's what the person had in mind. It's just that it can't be taken to be an absolute prohibition on genealogies given that the Bible is filled with the things and even makes such a big deal about them so often. There were particular things Paul must have had in mind. But that's a far cry from saying genealogies are wrong.

Merry Christmas, Jeremy, to you and your family.

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