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Yet again, I've had so little time for blogging that I can't even get enough time to convert already-written notes into a post for my next Theories of Knowledge and Reality post. I expect to get to that tomorrow, though. So we'll go with some more searches again.

Are evangelicals stupid?
Well, two can play at that game. Are people who Google "Are evangelicals stupid?" stupid?

God made the earth for humans, and it belongs to us. We were given dominion over the earth and were told to subdue it, so the earth is ours to do with as we please
Now that doesn't follow at all. Haven't you read the parable of the talents? If someone tells you that you can stay in their house for a year as a caretaker, what do you think they're going to do if they return at the end of the year to discover that you've turned it into a frathouse?

Differences between christianism catholic and protestant
Now it would seem to me that it would make more sense to ask about the differences between Christians who are Catholic or Protestant or differences between segments of Christianity, Protestant and Catholic. It's true that until Andrew Sullivan concocted his mythical narrative of Christianism in the U.S., the word 'Christianism' was just an archaic way of referring to Christianity, but those days are now gone. Now it just refers to a fiction. I'm not sure there are many differences between Catholics and Protestants in Sullivan's fictional narrative, because his conflation of dominionism with religious motivation for political activism seems to tar any religious motivation, whether Catholic or Protestant. In reality, there are plenty of differences, but it's hard to talk about reality if that word is involved, since its very meaning assumes so many false things.

why do blacks talk the way use slang
Why do whites talk the way they use slang? Seriously. Who doesn't use slang? And what sense does it make to ask why a particular regionally or ethnically associated accent or dialect speaks the way it does? Are you asking what causal factors led to particular sounds occurring in particular patterns? I suspect not, because it sounds morally loaded, as if somehow it's inferior to talk a certain way. I suggest rather that what's inferior is the making of such assumptions.

how an ethical subjectivist view gay marriage
however they want to

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