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what can I do if someone threatens to blackmail me
Is it possible to threaten to blackmail someone? Isn't it blackmail already once you threaten them? I suppose you can tell someone that you might blackmail them without actually threatening anything in particular beyond that.

Denzel Washington won't even appear on screen with a white woman
Now that's certainly not true. It may be that his love interests are always black, but that's not even close to not appearing on screen with a white woman. Have you seen The Pelican Brief?

abraham lincoln should all men be created equal
Should? Is this about whether God violated some moral obligation by creating us all equal?

who was the prostitue in the bible
Interesting. I suppose I can answer that once I know who the prophet in the Bible was. For that matter, I'd like to know who the king in the Bible was. While you're at it, who was the wealthy landowner in the Bible? Who was the tax collector in the Bible? This could get fun.

false doctrine of tongues speaking is for today
I was kind of hoping that the false doctrine of tongues speaking was for another time so that we could just focus on the true doctrine of tongues speaking. I'm not sure what the idea here is supposed to be, since false doctrines aren't really "for" any time. I guess you could have a temporal relativism according to which doctrines are true for some times but not true for others, but then you wouldn't have false doctrines being true at the same time. So that doesn't really help make sense of this statement.

penal surgery
What kind of crime has surgery as a punishment? Is this supposed to involve taking "an eye for an eye" literally?

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