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Aids is not a moral issue
No, it's a disease. But does anyone actually think it is a moral issue rather than a disease? Surely that's not the idea. But if you're denying that there are moral issues regarding AIDS, that's got to be false. It's certainly evil to have unprotected sex with someone uninfected if you're infected, for instance. Maybe you just meant that it isn't immoral merely to have the disease, but that's a very different claim from the one you searched for.

Is Vanessa Williams mixed with White
Or is it that she's mixed with black? Isn't there something racist about either way of saying it?

biblical fornication has nothing to do with unmarried sex
The word sometimes translated as "fornication" is more general in its scope than the English word 'fornication'. That doesn't mean it has nothing to do with it. It certainly includes it. It's a general word for immoral sexual behavior, and any Jewish writer of the time would have considered that to include sex before marriage.

logic problem #22
Do you seriously expect to find the answers to the exact problem you've been assigned simply by searching for the number your instructor assigned it as?

why the death penalty should not exsist for the falsely accused
So how often is it that the same jury will both not know that the person is innocent when convicting someone but then know the person is innocent during the penalty phase? Doesn't the question assume that such cases are the norm? Ideally, there's no penalty for the falsely accused. But the process of requiring convictions by jury of peers rather than by an omniscient being kind of allows for false convictions in such a way that we don't know they're false convictions.

Human Embryos are thrown away each year in abortion clinics
Do you mean fertility clinics? What would abortion clinics be doing with embryos?


I think AIDS is a moral issue. Obviously, of course it's a disease; it follows that some diseases are moral issues. I don't see anything wrong with that way of speaking.

Or is it that she's mixed with black? Isn't there something racist about either way of saying it?

Really? You're the expert here, but the charitable interpretation, it seems to me, is that the searcher is taking for granted that she's at least partly black, and wants to know whether she's fully black, or whether she's also part white. (If she's just searched for "Is VW mixed", she might not have gotten information about her racial makeup at all.)

Another interpretation: the searcher has heard that she's mixed, part black and part something else, and is wondering whether that something else is white.

I don't think we disagree on the AIDS question. I'm not sure what the searcher intended, but it seemed to me to involve enough of an ambiguity that I thought it worth a brief reflection.

You may be right on a more charitable way to read the question. People don't always search for expressions as if they are using their search terms as a coherent sentence. I do think the way it's worded, if taken as a sentence on its own without background assumptions, throws up warning signs. The burden of proof would be on the person to explain why no racist assumption is at work, since that does seem to me to be the most obvious way to read those words put together in that way. You've given one way someone might give such a justification.

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