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I haven't done one of these in a while, so I've been collecting a huge list.

Someone in Boston searched the Ektopos blogs for the following: "what does it take to make it on one of Jeremy's search posts?". Now the real answer is to search for something really funny or really stupid on Google or some other external search engine and click on it when it turns up my blog. What's funny about this search is that it was the internal Ektopos search engine, which never shows up on my sitemeter. I rarely check those logs except when one of my trackbacks doesn't go through, as happened when I found this search. So I guess I can add a tag onto the end: or you get really, really lucky that I happen to be looking at the internal logs at the exact time you try to get noticed by using an internal search. (I suspect this was my second cousin Danny Pierce, by the way. Danny refused to comment when I mentioned this to him.)

Dis the Amish believe that sex was a sin?
The Amish think sex is one of God's very good creations. Maybe you mean the Shakers. Consider how many Amish are still around after how long there have been Amish people. They don't get very many more Amish by converting people. The Shakers, on the other hand, are a different story altogether. There are only a few of them left, of course.

the bible is sexually immoral genesis 45 -homosexual
I was prepared to make some statement about how what the Bible reports isn't necessarily endorsed, and then I looked at the chapter. What about this chapter even remotely relates to sex?

michael eric dyson argument for anti essentialism
I didn't know he wrote about metaphysics. I wonder if he's aware that Saul Kripke has refuted Lockean and Quinean anti-essentialism pretty handily. Is he a convert to David Lewis' counterpart-theoretic rival to Kripke's view? And here I was thinking my dissertation was supposed to introduce all these political types to some hardcore metaphysics to fill that gap in the race literature.

white women saying she was raped by a black man
I've defended the singular 'they', but this may be the first time I've encountered a plural 'she'.

conservative republicans should kill all minorities
Yes, and I suppose liberal Democrats should kill all our troops too.


I've always been a lucky guy. Not that I'm admitting to anything, of course.

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