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The 2006-2008 Philosophical Gourmet Report is now online, for any philosophers who may not have heard yet. Syracuse managed to remain tied at 32 for the third report in a row, despite several major changes since 2002. I was hoping some of our hires would have increased our reputation a little, but I guess it wasn't enough to make a difference.

As usual, there's no list of departments especially good in philosophy of race. I'm sure Syracuse would make such a list. (It usually makes the feminism list because of two people. It should make the race list with three, given that it's a smaller field in general.) I'd be really curious to see how many departments would make the lists for both metaphysics and race. I suspect Syracuse is one of the few that would, which makes it a pretty good place for me to be given that I'm working in the intersection of the two.

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