How Many People Have My Name?

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How many have your name?


There are three Donald Crankshaws. One of them's my father, one's me. I wonder who the third one is.

This was the feedback I got: "While both names you entered were found in our database, neither was common enough to make it likely that someone in the U.S. has that name." No one has my name--apparently, not even me. Maybe statistically uncommon, but still in use. My parents apparently liked it a lot. My sister also has the same first and last name (Chong Choe). And, in college, I knew a guy with the same first, middle, and last name (Chong Un Choe). (I should note that I also tried several alternate spellings and, if I spelled my name "Chung Choi," then at least it would account for me--as for my sister and my friend in college--they're on their own.)

There are 297 Mark Heath's in the USA, but I'm not one of them.

This isn't an actual count. It's a likelihood based on a database of the most common names. Lots of names that people have aren't in it, and it probably overestimates with the ones that are in it. It's still pretty fun, but I wouldn't place much value on it as a reliable count.

Certainly not when the number you come up with is 3. Anyway, according to the FAQ (which I checked when there were no Rebekah Crankshaws (that's my sister's name)), the probabilities are based on the 1990 census, using the actual numbers of each name, and then treating them as independent variables to calculate probabilities.

They also said they removed names that were below a certain level of frequency. My sister-in-law came out zero, and she would have been in the 1990 census.

Now I can stand a bit straighter and say that there is only 1 person using my name in the US. I'll have to tell my father to move out of the country.

wat dose my name mean

appearently, i'm the only person with the name Maya Jacobson... i feel special.

There are 22 Sydney Woods in the USA... but I live in Canada.

how many people have my name pleazz tell me?


When I loged on it said that it is unlikly that 1 or more have this name it possible for that name not to exist. That is not right I don't like their info. By the way Weido not my real name I would rather expose my real name if thats okay.

Who Has The same name As me

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