A Little Consistency, Please

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It doesn't do to question a victory of 118,599 votes when you're the losing party and then when your party wins to insist that the other side ought to concede a race with a margin of victory of 6,708 votes, especially when there's a legally mandated recount, absentee ballots haven't yet been counted, and the canvassing of the votes in one precinct this morning shifted something like 1400 votes from Webb to Allen.

Of course, Republican lawyers better not pull an Al Gore here and file a whole bunch of lawsuits. That could amount to a similar party inconsistency.


Yeah, no kidding. Even though "my side" is currently in the lead, I definitely want that recount to make *completely sure* that whoever wins really won.

Unless, of course, Allen concedes. Then a recount doesn't really matter.

Unfortunately, Virginia elections are cleaner than Ohio and Florida elections. I wouldn't put much hope in a reversal via recount.

If this was Dewine/Brown, I'd be flying to Ohio.

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