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Jesus said. I'm very much committed to the concept of the abundant life
That reads the way it might if there had been this concept in first-century Palestine before Jesus that people in Jesus' day talked about called the abundant life, and someone challenged Jesus by suggesting something he said contradicts it.

kerry livgren lied
About what? I have to say I think it's highly unlikely that someone so concerned with truth would be saying anything in public that counts as a genuine lie. But of course this search didn't turn up any hints as to what the accusation actually is. The more precise search "kerry livgren" "livgren lied" turned up exactly nothing.

lordship salvation is bringing protestants back to rome
Ha! (I can imagine Alf saying...) I guess you can't tell the difference between (1) recognizing that genuine grace produces works in a believer's life and (2) taking those grace-inspired works to merit salvation. The views might be closer than most Protestants think, but there's still a difference in whether it gets called merit.

means don't justify the ends
Well, I suppose I agree. I mean, isn't it generally true that you're doing something wrong if you're doing it for the wrong reasons? Of course, this isn't likely to be what the search sought to find, but it's also not what I meant when I appallingly said this to begin with.

which planet has iowa as a moon
I think that would be Saskastchewan.


I particularly like that first one. We should produce a Bible paraphrase along those lines -- the Press Release Bible.

"'At this juncture, we are not unaware of the possibility that perilous times may come during the last days.'"

"'Let me reiterate that your stance regarding love toward me,' Jesus said, 'necessitates feeding my sheep.'"

"'This woman, given her disadvantaged socioeconomic status, may be said to have shown more generosity than many members of the upper classes,' Jesus told reporters."

"Jesus said. I'm very much committed to the concept of the abundant life"

That sounds like today's wishy washy political double speak. I would like to see that Press Release Bible though. How would you translate John 3:16?

"Given that it is widely accepted that God loves at least certain inhabitants of the world, it seems not inconceivable that he would provide his 'only begotten' Son in order to facilitate the prolonging of the lives of those who express belief on him."

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