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They're not calling it that, but the original series of Star Trek is getting a treatment something like what George Lucas did with episodes 4-6 of Star Wars when he called it the Special Edition. There won't be any deleted scenes added in or anything like that, but it will have new CG effects, stuff added in into the backgrounds, better space scenes, decent planet landscapes, more people milling around in the background in scenes on ships and starbases, and so on. They won't be doing these in order but will instead start with fan favorites. "The Balance of Terror" will be first. That episode introduced the Romulans (and maybe will have decent-looking ships for them now). The only other episode mentioned was "Miri", in which the crew encounteres a planet full of children who age rapidly and die once they reach a certain age.

We already have some sense of what this will look like, including what the ships will be like and what some aliens will look like, since they already did some of this when the DS9 crew visited the TOS Enterprise during the Tribbles episode and then again on Enterprise when the mirror universe Enterprise crew encountered the main Trek universe TOS-era Defiant. We've seen CG versions of that era's ships. The Tholians and the Gorn looked great on Enterprise, and I hope they can do the same thing for other aliens. I wonder if the new Andorian look on Enterprise will lead to some CG changes for these remasters, but it will be hard to do much given that they probably won't recast and reshoot the scenes with new actors. Since they've now fully explained the change in Klingon look, they probably don't need to do any touchups there, but the Klingon ships are in the same category of the Romulan ones, needing a major overhaul to look at all decent.

See TrekToday,, and TV Guide for more.


Wait, I missed it...they explained the Klingon look? Let me in. Last I heard, Roddenberry merely commented that they've always looked the same, but their budget was less on TOS. However, I do remember the mention of it in the DS9 episode where Worf kept his head covered. But no explanation was offered there.

By the way, they done some similar touching up in the DVD copy of ST:TMP that I have.

In the DS9 Tribbles episode, no one in the crew recognized the Klingons as Klingons. When they asked Worf about this, he responded that it was something embarassing for Klingons that they didn't talk about amongst outsiders.

In Enterprise, they explained what happened. They had a three-parter about augments (of the sort that Kahn had been), led by a brilliant geneticist who was the grandfather of Data's creator (played by Brent Spiner).

In a later two-parter (I believe), we discovered that the Klingons had gotten word of what the augments could do and wouldn't allow it to stay in the hands of humans. So they managed to get some of the augment DNA into some Klingons, generating augmented Klingons. This had two side-effects. One was that it was killing them off within a short period of time, which Phlox had to help them deal with. The other was that it made them look more like humans, without the ridges. These augments looked just like TOS Klingons.

By the end of the episodes, the virus that spread the mutations had gotten out into the entire population, but they had neutralized its killing effect. They said at the end that it might take 100 years to figure out how to alter their DNA back to have the ridges, and that time frame is about right given that the TOS movies take place about 100 years later, and that's where we first see the Klingon look that had appeared in the Enterprise series and then only later in the TOS movies and beyond.

If you haven't seen the fourth season of Enterprise, you really ought to. It was some of the best Trek ever made. They had a brilliant three-parter on Vulcan, another three-parter on the Tellaxians and the Andorians, a great episode on the Orion Syndicate, and even several Romulan appearances without allowing anyone from Earth to see a Romulan (or without knowing they had, at least). The mirror universe episodes were some of the most satisfying of the whole bunch, beginning with Zefram Cochrane meeting the Vulcan as in the First Contact movie but then pulling out a gun and shooting him!

Wow. No, I haven't seen the later episodes of Enterprise. I saw the first and maybe the second season. My life got a bit crazy around 2002 and I didn't catch much television again for at least two years.

I had always been a faithful Trek watcher and have seen every episode of every other show. I will take personal responsibility for the demise of Enterprise. It was my fault because I quit watching! But I didn't quit watching because of the show itself. Well, you make me want to catch the episodes now. I'll have to track them down.

And looking back at my last sentence in the first comment--I don't normally write like such a hick ("The done"...cringe). It was early for me this morning when I wrote that :-)

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