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the seven supremecourt names
Right. Did you mean that there are exactly seven names for the Supreme Court? There's officially only one. It's the Supreme Court of the United States (abbreviated SCOTUS). If you meant the names of the justices, then perhaps you should do a recount. The other two might feel left out.

scripture about jesus being illegitimate
Whatever you think about scripure's correctness, there can be no doubt that it doesn't say that. It in fact says the opposite. By stating that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit when Mary was still a virgin, it makes it quite clear that there's no illegitimacy involved.

steve-irwin show-off suicide
I love it when a search based on immoral motives lands on a post that explains exactly what's so evil about those desires.

Alabama prohibits missionaries to speak in tongues
Hmm. I really wonder how this could be true. Not only does it violate the first amendment, but politicians in Alabama tend to be fully aware of and indeed insistent on freedom of religion, at least when it involves anything related to Christianity.

why is the preface to the KJV bible in you and your rather than thee and thou
Do you mean a modern preface or a 1611 preface? A modern preface will generally use modern English. A preface at the time wouldn't likely use the more intimate forms 'thee' and 'thou' for complete strangers.


Maybe the search for a "scripture about Jesus being illegitmate" was looking for a verse in Jesus was accused of being illegitimate--e.g., John 8:41.

I didn't think about that. What seemed most obvious to me was that they had heard something about Jesus being just an illegitimate child of Mary that the virgin birth story was concocted to cover up, and somehow they thought this was actually in the scriptures somewhere.

I didn't know that verse could be construed as them accusing Jesus of being illegitimate.

"A preface at the time wouldn't likely use the more intimate forms 'thee' and 'thou' for complete strangers." Especially when addressing the King James of England.

Was the preface addressed to the king? I didn't know that.

Yes, it was addressed to the most high and mighty prince, James. And it says, Great and manifold were the blessings, most dread Sovereign, which Almighty God, the Father of all mercies, bestowed upon us the people of England, when first he sent Your Majesty's Royal Person to rule and reign over us.

Anyway, I think it's highly significant that you use the formal "you" for the king, but "thee" for God.

That looks more like a dedication than a preface, though both words are used. The point still holds whatever you call it, of course, but I was thinking something like what we have in modern translations and yet addressed to the king rather than to the reader. It doesn't seem to be that, at least. That would have been strange.

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