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Most people arriving at this site lately have done so in very boring ways, so my long list of interesting searches is getting rather slim, but here are some of the remaining searches that landed here in the last month or two that I found interesting or in some way worthy of a comment.

thomson + even if a fetus is a person, most abortions are still morally permissible
The only ones that would be permissible according to the arguments she gives would be those where the pregnancy resulted from rape or failed contraceptives. I very much doubt that most abortions come from those two scenarios.

why is bush not a utilitarian
Probably for two reasons: he likely thinks pleasure isn't the only good, and he likely thinks consequences aren't the only thing that can be morally evaluated.

human rights abuses stargate atlantis
Do Wraith who are temporarily manifesting only human DNA count as human?

why does kjv have fewer books
I didn't know it did.

how do I know if it is right to marry a person
Well, marrying a person is definitely preferable to marrying anything else.

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