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How will a christian Know if they have met the person they will marry?
That knowledge usually comes with the declaration of marriage at the end of the wedding ceremony.

what does jenna mean?
I don't really know. It might help to know what she said.

penal piercing
I'm not opposed to corporal punishment, but I prefer a smack or a pulling of the ear. Sharp implements probably aren't a good idea when administering a punishment. For those who still don't understand what I'm getting at here, let me make it very clear. You were not searching for penal piercing. You were searching for something much more evil: penile piercing. Perhaps if you spell it right, you won't end up at a post making fun of you but might instead actually find what you're looking for.

will rick warren ever repent
I'm sure he does fairly regularly. Given the human propensity for sin, it may be several times a day.

illegal things to do on halloween
You could rob a bank, download some copyrighted MP3s, or drive through an EZPass lane on a toll road without having an EZPass. You could sell lots of stock in a company that you have majority holdings in because of inside information. You could violate a legally binding contract or park in a handicapped spot without a handicapped tag. You could even go hunting without a license or smoke in a restaurant in a smoke-free state. The list is really endless, but I hope this helps get you started.

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