Camel Shadows

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The dark camel-shaped things in this picture are not camels. Look more closely. The light-colored objects just below the dark shapes are the camels. This overhead shot was taken at dawn or dusk, when the shadows were fairly large in comparison to the camels. This is the sort of thing that humans would rarely have the occasion to see.

For more information, see Shadow Caravan at, of all places,


That is an awesome picture! Thanks for sharing.

As an artist and a digital photo buff I am always impressed with photos taken of rare moments, I have several of my own. I'll be checking your site frequently, thank you.

This isn't exactly typical of my site. I found this and appreciated it, so I put it up here. You won't find a lot of this sort of thing here, though.

Iam very impressed by this photo but Iam much more impressed by the imagination of the photographer .

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