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where to find a copy of the bible in it's original form
Even completely ignoring the offending apostrophe, this is a strange request. I'm not sure 'where' is the correct term. Perhaps 'when' would be more helpful, and even that isn't right if you think there's one time when the originals of all the books were present.

what does ethan mean
I think that depends on what he says. Oh, did you mean "what does 'Ethan' mean?" It's got something to do with firmness and steadfastness.

council of Trent cannons 9
That must be when they gave up on trying to convince Protestants by argument and decided to bring in the big guns instead.

twin girls + one african american and one white
Now I think it says something interesting that so many people are willing to describe one twin as black and the other as white. It means the one-drop rule is no longer in effect, at least in the racial classification systems those people are using. But I look at this, and I think it's just confused. If the term 'African American' is supposed to mean anything, it's supposed to have reference not to what people look like (or Australian aborigines could move to the U.S. and become African American) but to ancestry. Yet these twin girls have the same ancestry. That they can be classified one as black and the other as white shows that for many people race isn't about ancestry but about mere color. But being African American has to involve something to do with ancestry, and it just can't make sense to call one African American and the other not. All this is stupid to begin with, since the twins aren't American in any sense. They're British. But then there are those who want to call black French people African American. Why not British people too? I suppose it's not any more stupid.

did saddam hussein have madonna christen babylon
Wait, I thought he didn't have any weapons that desecrate masses.

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