Stargate SG-1 Canceled

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Who besides CBS would cancel one of a network's best and most popular shows, simply because it wasn't doing as well as it was last year (but still doing much better than almost anything else they show)? The SciFi Channel has done it before without even that excuse (with Farscape when it was even at the height of its popularity), and now it's done it again with Stargate SG-1, the show that you would expect them to show some gratefulness toward given its having put them (and cable original programming in general) on the map in terms of ratings successes. It can't be just about ratings, because Atlantis is doing only slightly better.

They've made one bone-headed decision after another in the last couple years with their original programming, and now they decide to do some nice blame-shifting by canceling one of their best original shows. They decided after the good ratings of Eureka to try for original programming every night. Most of the tripe they've been showing now isn't going to last more than a couple months. A lot of it isn't even scifi, even in the broadest sense of the term. Pro wrestling? It's definitely fiction, but where's the science in it? But then they had John Edward on years ago, so I suppose that's not much different. The formula that worked was to have their best stuff on Friday nights starting at 8:00, without Monk opposite the opening show that now starts at 9:00, an hour after most people have been watching some other channel. If they had wanted SG-1 to do well this year, they could have done a much better job. This was as bad as UPN putting Enterprise opposite Stargate in its final year and then canceling it because of bad ratings (which were still better than almost any other original scifi show on cable).

What makes this even worse is that they made their move right after the 200th episode, which is like breaking up with someone on their birthday. Even stranger is that they did it right after the ratings actually went way up again. Well, the producers have no intention of stopping the show, so we may see it on USA or something next year. As Gateworld has pointed out in one of the posts I've linked to, please don't let this stop you from watching the show. That would guarantee that it wouldn't get picked up by another network or in another format. What SG-1 needs if it's to continue is not a writing campaign like the amazing one that earned Farscape a final mini-series. What it really needs is for the ratings to go up on the first-run showings of its episodes (and not DVR or VCR, which doesn't count for the ratings).


Completely aside but that 200th episode was fantastic. The geekdom references were great and then to pull this bit is really messed up.

SciFi and USA have both been showing Eureka (which I like).

As for Tivo/VCR/DVR/DVDR I think there needs to be a better rating system. I know it's all marketing driven but the model just isn't working when you have so many ways to record.

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