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This is a list of the current and forthcoming commentaries in the Hermeneia series. For more series, see my post on commentary series. For a listing in alphabetical order, see this post.

The Hermeneia series is noted especially for its comprehensive attention to parallels in other literature. This will almost invariably involve many speculative connections with literature not necessary for interpreting the biblical text and just amounts to distraction. A number of these commentaries are absolutely excellent and in fact the scholarly standards on their respective books (e.g. Psalms 51-100, Song of Songs, Amos, I Peter. Others are outdated or eccentric (most notably John and the earlier Bultmann I-III John), and such books might be better served by other commentaries. It uses the original language and will be harder to read by those unschooled in Hebrew and Greek, but there is usually a translation of any non-English, which makes it much easier than some other series. Even though it's more detail than necessary in most cases, some of these volumes really are the best detailed exegesis of the book they cover, and I'll indicate some of those when I do the review of commentaries for each book. In most cases, scholars will need to refer to them, but expositors will not. The series is still very much in process in the Old Testament, with only one volume on the historical works in print, and that was just this year. The prophets and wisdom literature have much better coverage, and the NT is much further along. Non-canonical books also appear in this series.

One misleading element of the following lists is that many volumes are translations of German or French works, and the delay between the original and the Hermeneia translation is sometimes more than a decade. Some of these are much older than they seem to be from the date given, which is the date of its release in English translation in this series . Others were new works produced in English.

Volumes out so far:

I Chronicles, Ralph Klein (2006)
Psalms 51-100, Frank-Lothar Hossfeld and Erich Zenger (2005)
Qoholeth (Ecclesiastes), Thomas Kruger (2004)
Song of Songs, Roland E. Murphy (1990)
Isaiah 40-55, Klaus Baltzer (2001)
Jeremiah 1-25, William L. Holladay (1986)
Jeremiah 26-52, William L. Holladay (1991)
Ezekiel 1-24, Walther Zimmerli (1979)
Ezekiel 25-48, Walther Zimmerli (1983)
Daniel, John J. Collins (1994)
Hosea, Hans Walter Wolff (1973)
Joel and Amos, Hans Walter Wolff (1977)
Amos, Shalom M. Paul (1991)
Micah, Delbert R. Hillers (1984)
Zephaniah, Marvin A. Sweeney (2003)

The Sermon on the Mount (and the Sermon on the Plain): Hans Dieter Betz (1995)
Matthew 8-20: Ulrich Luz (2001)
Matthew 21-28: Ulrich Luz (2005)
Luke 1:1-9:50, Francois Bovon (2002)
John 1-6, Ernst Haenchen (1984)
John 7-21, Ernst Haenchen (1984)
Acts: Hans Conzelmann (1987)
Romans, Robert Jewett (2006)
I Corinthians: Hans Conzelmann (1975)
II Corinthians 8-9, Hans Dieter Betz (1985)
Galatians, Hanz Dieter Betz (1979)
Colossians and Philemon: Eduard Lohse (1972)
Pastoral Epistles: Martin Dibelius and Hans Conzelmann (1972)
Hebrews: Harold Attridge (1989)
James: Martin Dibelius and Heinrich Greeven (1976)
I Peter: Paul J. Achtemeier (1996)
I-III John: Rudolf Bultmann (1973)
I-III John: Georg Strecker (1996)

Ignatius of Antioch, William R. Schoedel (1985)
Fourth Ezra, Michael Edward Stone (1990)
The Didache, Kurt Niederwimmer (1998)
The Shepherd of Hermas, Carolyn Osiek (1999)
The Critical Edition of Q, Paul Hoffmann, John S. Kloppenborg, James M. Robinson (2000)
I Enoch 1-36, 81-108: George W. E. Nickelsburg (2001)
The Apostolic Tradition: Paul F. Bradshaw, Maxwell Johnson, and L. Edward Phillips (2002)

Forthcoming volumes:

Genesis, Richard Clifford
Exodus, Sean D. McBride
Leviticus, Gary Anderson
Numbers, Moshe Weinfeld
Deuteronomy, Norbert Lohfink and Georg Braulik
Joshua, P. Kyle McCarter
Kings, Robert Wilson
II Chronicles, Ralph Klein
Ezra-Nehemiah, Shemaryahu Talmon
Esther, Michael O'Connor
Job, Michael Coogan
Psalms 1-50, Frank-Lothar Hossfeld and Erich Zenger
Psalms 101-150, Frank-Lothar Hossfeld and Erich Zenger
Isaiah 1-39, J.J.M. Roberts
Lamentations, J.J.M. Roberts
Joel, Ted Hiebert
Jonah, James Kugel
Habakkuk, David Vanderhooft
Haggai, Zechariah, Paul D. Hanson
Malachi, Adam S. van der Woude

Mark, Adela Yarbro Collins
Luke 9:51-19:27, Francois Bovon
Luke 19:28-24:53, Francois Bovon
John, Harold Attridge
Acts, R. Pervo
II Corinthians, D. Georgi
Ephesians, H. Hendrix
Philippians, Paul A. Holloway
Thessalonians, Helmut Koester
Pastorals, Abraham Malherbe
James, John S. Kloppenborg
II Peter and Jude, B.A. Pearson
Revelation, Elizabeth Schuessler Fiorenza


In my opinion, this series is quite uneven. For instance, Achtemeier on 1 Peter is great (it's still the best around, in my mind), as is Murphy on Song of Songs and even Collins on Daniel (once you get past the liberal tendencies). But then you have Dibelius on James (honestly, this was painful to get through at points).

Also, the price is prohibitive- the volumes I own I got at a serious discount or used. And I could never figure out the dimensions of the books (made it quite hard to photocopy). Overall, though, there is much to learn from these commentaries, I'd be interested in hearing the thoughts of others, especially on some of the newer ones (like Luz and Bovon).

D.A. Carson really likes Bovon. He's read the original in French. I haven't looked much at earler Luz or Bovon. I do like Achtemeier. My thoughts on Sweeney appear in my review of Zephaniah commentaries, and some thoughts on Hossfeld-Zenger are in my Psalms commentaries post.

I got my Achtemeier from Amazon Marketplace. I find the quality of the books pretty good and if you can get them at better costs than Amazon.

I noticed on an earlier page that you referred to the Mentor Commentary Series and said that it was rare. Christian Focus Publications is doing a Mentor series - I guess its the same. You can check it out on their website...I'd heard Mackay on Exodus was pretty good. Hope this helps!

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