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For those who are interested in upcoming biblical commentaries who don't regularly check my posts on those (and I know some of my readers do check in on those posts fairly often), I wanted to make it known that there have been lots of updates to them recently. [You can look at the same information organized in two different ways: by book of the Bible and by commentary series.] In this post I'll give several highlights and major updates among a lot of smaller changes that I won't mention here but are at the main posts. As always, the main posts just linked to will be updated when there is new information, and they include much that's changed that's not here. I will not be updating this post. This is just to draw attention to changes that have occurred on the other posts for those who don't check them regularly.

I'm perhaps most excited about this first item, which I haven't included in the other posts since it's not new commentaries but new books about commentaries. Baker is releasing new editions of Longman's OT commentary survey and Carson's NT one in January. Also, John Glynn is expecting the new edition of his own commentary review to be published by the end of the year. I've already ordered Longman and Carson at Amazon. I couldn't find them there by searching, but you can use the Baker links above to get the ISBNs and then type them into the Amazon search box. I don't believe they have the new Glynn edition listed at Amazon yet.

David Baker has updated his online vita, which includes the most recent list of contributors to the Apollos Old Testament Commentary, which he edits. The changes are as follows. Daniel Hawk will no longer be doing Numbers, with no replacement listed. Hawk will now be doing Ruth instead. Richard Hess will no longer doing Kings (for this series, anyway; his work will now be published in NICOT). Lissa Wray Beal will be doing the Apollos for Kings. Rodney Duke will no longer be doing Chronicles, with no replacement listed. Gerald Klingbeil has been added for Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther. I had somewhere seen Bill Arnold listed for Jeremiah, but Baker didn't have him listed in the old list and doesn't have him in the new list, so I've removed him. Ezekiel will be Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer. Daniel Carroll will no longer be doing Hosea, with no replacement listed. I also found out from David Baker that the next volume to be published will be Kiuchi on Leviticus, which he said would be soon. I gather that it's still a little ways off, since IVP doesn't have it listed in their upcoming releases (they accidentally did list it for earlier this year, but that was an error, and they removed it). No other volume is on the near horizon at this point for this series.

In BECNT, at least two contracts have changed from my original list. Stanley Porter will do the pastorals, and Doug Moo will do Galatians. Porter told me that he will have this volume done before his longer project on Acts for NIGTC, but it will still be a couple years. Moo also has other commentary projects (see below under PNTC and ZEC), but I don't know which he will be done with first. Also, several volumes in BECNT have tentative release dates now, and these come straight from the publisher. Bock on Acts is expected in July 2007. I don't know if it will be two volumes, as with his Luke commentary in this series, or if this will be less detailed with just one volume. David Turner on Matthew is expected in Nov 2007. The publisher hopes to have Stein on Mark, Yarbrough on I-III John, and Green on II Peter and Jude by 2008, but those are much more tentative.

NICOT Exodus will now be Brent Strawn. Eugene Carpenter will publish his Exodus commentary with another publisher, who at this point is yet-to-be-determined. David Tsumura's I Samuel is scheduled for publication in October 2006. As I mentioned above, Richard Hess will now be doing Kings for NICOT. Since he presumably started his work when he had the Apollos contract, I imagine this will be done earlier than you might expect given that he's just recently been given the contract. This of course means David Howard will not be doing Kings for NICOT. He had notes only on the first chapter, but he did spend a decade doing background work on Kings, so we might see him scheduled for some other Kings commentary at some point. Rikki Watts will be doing a replacement for Lane's Mark for NICNT, and Scot McKnight will be doing James. I believe those are all the changes since the last time I highlighted some major updates, but you can always check the list yourself to see if there's information you didn't know about.

I know of no changes in assignments for NIGTC, but I did hear that no volumes are due out in the very near future. Longenecker on Romans and Carson on I-III John are the nearest to publication. Donald Hagner said they might have the manuscript ready for either one fairly soon, but it takes a full year to go through all the steps to publication, so I wouldn't expect either one until 2008 even if the authors are done when the editor expects them to be.

NIVAC has two changes. Since Gerald Wilson's death, Psalms vol. 2 has been reassigned to Jamie Grant. Robert Hubbard's Joshua was reassigned to Daniel Hawk and then re-reassigned to Robert Hubbard again.

I know of four replacements scheduled for OTL: Samuel by Graeme Auld, Kings by Marvin Sweeney, Job by Michael V. Fox, and Psalms by William Patrick Brown.

Doug Moo will be doing Colossians and Philemon for PNTC instead of Gerald Hawthorne. Peter O'Brien is up through Hebrews 11 now in his work on the PNTC for that book. He expects to be done with the first draft of the commentary proper by the end of the year, and then next year he will write the introduction and revise the manuscript. It's possible that it will be out by the end of 2008 or early 2009. He asks for prayer as he continues his work on this "challenging but exciting" book admist his other responsibilities.

The Reformed Expository Commentary series is starting to get a slightly longer list of contributors. Ruth and Esther by Iain Duguid and Philip Ryken's Galatians are already out, and Richard Phillips on Hebrews should be out next month (Sept 2006). Daniel Doriani will be doing Matthew and James. Philip Ryken is down for Luke and I Timothy. I'd appreciate any further information on contributors to this series, since this is still not a long list.

I don't know how many of the Two Horizons contributors have been added since my last indication of updates, but one who stands out in my mind: Tremper Longman on Exodus. He's writing Reading Exodus for IVP first, and then he'll turn to this commentary. I don't know if his Job commentary for Baker is done yet, but it's due out next spring. His commentary survey and his OT intro (with Dillard) will be released in new editions next year, so he's been pretty busy. He's also down for Jeremiah and Lamentations for NIBC and revisions of some of the minor prophets (McComiskey's ones) for EBC, along with editing the OT EBC. The NLT-based Cornerstone series, which from what I've gathered is just a separate publication of brief translation notes and study notes from NLT translators and NLT Study Bible contributors, will also be publishing his notes on Ecclesiastes and the Song of Songs for those who don't want to read his longer NICOT volumes on those books.

TOTC is now contracting revisions and replacements for their Old Testament volumes, now that Kruse's John has finished their NT revision. The only one I know for sure now is Mark Boda on Ezra-Nehemiah to replace Kidner. Several scholars have said they're working on stuff for Tyndale, but that's ambiguous between the Tyndale series and the Tyndale publisher who is doing the Cornerstone series. Since Tyndale the publisher hadn't named their series until very recently, the contributors have been calling it the NLT Tyndale series, which clues me in to its not being the TOTC. A couple listings have not been so clear, and I haven't recorded which those are. Boda is the only one I've seen that is unambiguously a TOTC replacement, and I haven't noticed any revisions either. This is another place where any further information is greatly welcome (any information is welcome; it's just that I'm especially interested in knowing what will happen with this series, and I have little information at this point).

Thomas Nelson has been notoriously bad at giving release dates for WBC well into the future for forthcoming volumes, only to have the contributor change, the date get pushed back significantly, or some other complication that makes them look as if they're predicting the unpredictable. (This is why some publishers or series editors won't give out such information at all, which means I have only what contributors themselves indicate on their websites.) But every few years Nelson publishes a new website with tentative release dates for future volumes, and the latest one has just recently appeared here.

There's a lot of information here that wasn't publicly available before. They don't list the authors of the new editions, and they don't say in any of the cases whether it will be their cheesy second edition with a new bibliography and short essay on new developments (e.g. I Kings, Psalms 1-50, John) or whether it will be a full revision (e.g. Psalms 101-150, Isaiah, Philippians). I have information that some of them will be full revisions (I-III John, II Corinthians, which strangely isn't listed at all, Colossians/Philemon but by a new author, and I believe Numbers is an entirely new work). I haven't heard about any being just the smaller updates that I don't think are worth purchasing if you already have the original (unless you're going to sell or give away the original), but it makes sense for Thomas Nelson not to advertize those cases, since many people agree with me on that and thus not buy them. Since this is a lengthy list, I'm just going to repeat the list from my main forthcoming commentaries page here, indicating in each case what I do know. These dates are extremely tentative, especially the ones that are further into the future, and it's possible that some of these authors will change.

Numbers (replacement): John Sailhamer (Oct 2007; this disagrees with the list, but it's from the publisher)
Joshua, revised, Trent C. Butler (Mar 2009)
Judges, Trent C. Butler (Feb 2007)
I Samuel (2nd ed.), Ralph W. Klein (Nov 2007)
Job 21-37, David Clines (Oct 2006)
Job 38-42, David Clines (Oct 2008)
Hosea-Jonah (2nd ed.), Douglas Stuart (Feb 2007)
Micah-Malachi (unsure if replacement or revision), Douglas Stuart (Nov 2007)
Mark 1:1-8:26 (replacement), Craig Evans (Oct 2008)
Acts 1-14, Steve Walton (Nov 2008)
Acts 15-28, Steve Walton (Aug 2009)
I Corinthians, Linda Belleville (June 2009)
II Corinthians (2nd ed.), Ralph Martin (strangely left off the list, but I believe this is expected around 2008)
Colossians/Philemon (2nd ed.), Peter T. O'Brien and Clinton Arnold (Arnold revising O'Brien, Nov 2010)
Thessalonians (2nd ed.), F.F. Bruce and Kim Seyoon (Nov 2007)
II Peter/Jude (2nd ed.), Richard Bauckham (Oct 2009)
I-III John (2nd ed., full revision), Stephen Smalley (2007)

The Zondervan Exegetical Commentary series looks as if it will be excellent. The first volume will probably be out next year. David Garland says his Luke will be out next year, and I'm not sure if any others will be out that early. The other contributors I have are Mark Strauss on Mark, Clinton Arnold on Ephesians, George Guthrie on Philippians, Greg Beale on the Pastorals, Doug Moo on Hebrews, and Michael Wilkins on I Peter (who says his won't be out until something like 2011, and I'm sure others in this list are that far off as well). Grant Osborne says he's working on Matthew for Zondervan, but he doesn't name a series. It might be ZEC. The same is true of Paul Gardner for I Corinthians.


I listened to an interview with Carson the other day, and apparently O'Brien's Hebrews commentary was basically done (this was a 9 Marks interview from November Carson expected it by the end of 2008 and if he got it by then he said that we would see it in print by the end of this year.

In another of Carson's interviews ( it sounded like his commentary on 1-3 John is nearing completion and that he's anxious to get it off of his plate.

That fits with what I've heard from O'Brien about his expected timetable. I'm surprised Eerdmans hasn't announced it yet, actually.

I know Hagner was hoping for Carson's manuscript last year, so he's been close for a while. A student of his in the early 90s told me that he was almost done at that point, so I think he's been fine-tuning it for quite a while. I wonder if he's been revising in light of Yarbrough's manuscript. They are colleagues, after all.

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