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My tire fell off today while I was driving on Interstate 86 just a few miles from the exit to Corning, NY, where we were supposed to be spending a few hours visiting the glass museum. We did get to walk around Corning a bit, and it was a nice day trip overall, but combining it with getting the tire fixed wasn't exactly the day we'd planned. We decided just to walk around the town instead of going to the museum. The place that fixed the tire problem managed to do it in just an hour and a half, and they think the problem was so obviously caused by the people who last worked on it that we can probably get this refunded. But despite the problems, we seem to have had a good time, and we did make it back in time for Sam to make a dance rehearsal and for me to make the Bible study I was scheduled to lead tonight. The ride home was actually fairly nice, and the discussion went very well at the Bible study. Strangely, it feels like it was a good day. So don't take the crankiness of what follows to be a sign of my mood after having my tire fall off just shy of our destination. I wrote most of these before we left, and I just happened to notice the crankiness as I was copying and pasting them into my blog editing software.

do some latinos don't consider themselves black people
I would think that most Latinos don't consider themselves black. Not only that, most other people wouldn't consider them black either.

Why John Piper prefers the CEV
Piper? I would expect him to hate the CEV. I hate it, and I'm not generally opposed to dynamic translations the way he is.

George Bush Theonomist
You do realize that most theonomists hate President Bush, right? Do you know why? Because it's all too clear to them that he's not one of them.

pics of action heroes having sex
Right. Who is this really?


I get mostly "normal" searches...I want some that I can laugh at...


I came home from Bible study last night to find that someone had run into my car so that the rear left portion of my bumper is dangling. Thankfully, two people left notes saying they saw it and left their phone numbers. It must have been a bad day for anyone with the last name "Pierce" and their vehicles.

On August 17th you said John Piper prefers the CEV. I have never heard that and I attend his church. He uses the ESV in his church and promotes its use. There are at least a couple publications that could be found at that show this preference. For example:

David, I know full well that John Piper uses the ESV. Since my whole point was that he would not prefer the CEV, I thank you for providing a link to confirm what I was saying. It does seem strange to me that you're acting as if I was asserting what I was in fact denying, but I do appreciate your efforts to link to the information I wasn't willing to spend the time finding.

It sounds like a good day, especially with what could have been. The medieval question might be: How many angels does God give a philosopher? Glad your safe, tucked back in at your computer :)

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