9/11 Conspiracy Theories

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I've never thought the 9/11 conspiracy theories were remotely plausible, but they were so far from believability that I never actually had to think about why I don't even consider them worthy of suggesting. Stuart Buck thinks through what I never bothered with, offering some excellent reasons why the 9/11 conspiracy theories make little sense:

1. A government that couldn't keep all sorts of lesser things secret surely couldn't hold this so tightly to themselves that no one would find out about it.
2. One theory is that explosives really blew up the buildings, and somehow it's supposed to follow that the government was behind it, which doesn't seem at all related to the thing it's supposed to follow from.
3. If they did use explosives, why also use planes? Why use four planes? Couldn't a conspiracy just as easily do the kind of damage intended just by using explosives?
4. The more people involved, the riskier, and if the hijackers were superfluous, why have more people who could get caught (or diverted by a crashed plane) before they could accomplish the task?


For a conspiracy to even make remote sense, it has to have some level of plausibility. Now some aspects of the Oklahoma City stuff is plausable, but the 9/11 conspiracy advocates appear to be seeling mirages of wishful thinking. The premise fits their worldview so it must be right, all reasonable evidence and argument aside.

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