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longest book of the bible (word count) original hebrew
Is there even a contest? Who might suppose that anything else is anywhere even close to the Psalms? I have more than once heard people say that Jeremiah is the longest book in the Hebrew Bible, but I think they must be counting the five books within the Psalms as five separate books.

who is more important in church deacon, reverend or most reverend
Why would one position be more important than the other? This is one reason we shoudn't have such titles to begin with.

true knowledge comes with knowing that you know?
I sure hope not. I wouldn't like it if my knowledge depended on an infinite regress.

catholic church disproves stem cell research
I don't think the Catholic church is really in the habit of proving or disproving anything in science. Perhaps this was supposed to be "disapproves", but that would need an "of" right after it, and even then it would be false because it's just the fetal stem cell research that they disapprove of. You don't have to kill anything to get adult stem cells.

Well, I suppose you could just repeat to yourself, "Murder is ok. Murder is ok. Murder is ok." If you combine that with repeated attempts to kill people, then you might start thinking it's ok after awhile. Oh, you meant an altered state of consciousness? That's not all that difficult either. Just spend some time reading the Kant generator (just hit reload, and it will generate more text). I guarantee that an hour of reading that stuff will alter your state of consciousness.


Actually, in the original Hebrew Jeremiah wins with 4692 words, Genesis is next with 4682, and then the book of Psalms with 4328 (this is counting enclitic prepositions as seperate words, but not counting suffixes -- but even if you do count them, the results are similar).

Is it just that the individual psalms are so much shorter and the individual verses are also very much shorter, with Jeremiah having much longer verses and much longer chapters? It's hard to imagine otherwise how a book 1/3 the length in terms of chapters can actually be longer. In length in English Bibles (pages numbers), Jeremiah seems shorter than Psalms.

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