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DA Carson's commentary on Romans
John Stott commentary Isaiah
That would be nice, wouldn't it? I think Carson's got his hands full revising Matthew and writing Galatians, Hebrews, I-III John, and Revelation. At least Carson is a NT scholar. Stott hasn't written on anything in the OT that I know of, though he's a pastor who has preached from it. What's even worse is that I get searches all the time looking for NT scholars' commentaries on OT books and vice versa. Occasionally this does happen (F.F. Bruce on Habakkuk, Leon Morris on Ruth), but it's extremely uncommon, and I think people just assume that someone who writes a good commentary on one book must have written a good commentary on the other 65.

abortion causes autism
No, abortion causes a condition much more serious than autism. They call it death.

do christians and other religions belive the same thing about parables
Is there something that Christians believe about parables? I'm not sure you can believe the same thing as someone else if there's nothing in particular that you believe about it to begin with. I see no theology of the nature of parables anywhere in the Bible.

What does the 4th of July mean to Christians
Why would it have some special meaning for Christians?

i am looking infomation on how i can recognize my pastor
Next time, please include a picture of your pastor in your search, and maybe then I could offer you some tips. Short of that, all I can tell you is that it would be good to know what your pastor looks like and then to try to see if the person you think is your pastor has the same visual appearance. If your pastor has an identical twin, it might be good to find out some things your pastor knows or can do that the twin can't do. Beyond that, I'm going to need some more specific information about your pastor.


On abortion and autism...this jogged my memory.
Having an abortion increases the risk of future babies being born prematurely which increases the risk of nasty conditions like cerebral palsy. Not sure if the risk of autism is related to premature babies though.

Some people think autism can be caused or catalyzed by oxygen deprivation at birth, but I don't know of any serious correlation between that and premature birth. I really doubt that autism is much more common in premature births. The strongest evidence is that it's largely genetic with some environmental conditions that make it more likely (or really more severe) among the genetically predisposed.

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