Reverse Interracial

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I recently got a hit from someone searching for "reverse interracial". I've gotten this one before. I'm curious how many people think this is sexist, how many think it is racist, how many think it is both, and how many think it is neither. Please support your answer. I know what I think, and I know why I think it, but I'm wondering what others would think and why.


I'd probably go with neither since I've always thought of interaccial as a description of a couple (heteroptional) from different ethnic backgrounds.

If two different ethnic backgrounds is enough for being just plain interracial, what is it to be reverse interracial? Does the expression assume being interracial is more than just people of any two different backgrounds?

Ah, I see. Rey, filter out your opinion and think and I think there is an assumption being made that something is more interracial than just two people of two different ethnic backgrounds.

Like person (p) of (x) ethnic background hooks up with person (q) of (y) ethnic background = interracial but if person (q) is of (y) ethnic background hooks up with person (p) of (x) ethnic background then the result is still the same. It's still the same interracial couple. Because that whole coupling thing is a two way street. So I guess the assumption is a combination of person (q) and the ethnic background (changed to x) that is making the searcher uncomfortable.

Person (q) with an ethnic background of (x) has completely reversed the interracial scenario when they hook up with person (p) of (y) ethnic background. The ethnic background is still the same difference but the person combined with the ethnic background becomes personal and racial. If it’s a difference in sex it’s sexist and racist.

Hey, what a way to completely reverse my answer, ay? And it likely made zero sense.

It's kind of confusing. I guess I'd break it down that interracial is a couple of different backgrounds, therefore reverse interracial is a couple of the same ethnic background. I guess there isn't a term for that and I'm not sure why someone would be searching for it. I would say it's neither sexist nor racist, just a term to mean the opposite of another term.

No, same ethnic background (going along with your taking ethnic and racial to be equivalent) would be intraracial.

I think Rey's got it right. Reverse interracial has got to be the reverse of one particular assumed combination of male-female and two races (probably black-white, I would imagine). My immediate thought on seeing the expression is that interracial is black man and white woman, and reverse interracial is white man and black woman. That still seems to me to be the most plausible reading of what this person was searching for.

I did try to do some empirical analysis, but it was hard to find anything wholesome (and this was with safesearch enabled). The one site I found that isn't gets it opposite what I was expecting, and that's in the context of sexual harassment. In the porn sites whose descriptions in Google and Yahoo could indicate what it was referring to, it seemed to me to lean more often with white man and black woman but occasionally with black man and white woman. If anyone can think of a better way to do empirical analysis, please let me know.

I was poking around through google scholar trying to see if there was anything like this. Found this: but it's focus is implicit and explicit prejudice in interracial interaction. Partway through the test they flatten variables but it's still interesting.

I found this in google scholar which doesn't directly address the topic because at one point it flattens some variables: but it's still pretty interesting. I tried putting this in earlier but something odd happened so here goes again:

here's hoping.

That was just the spam detection software holding your comment for approval. It saw your comment as having three links, which would be enough for comment moderation. One must be your own URL. Then it must be counting your two instances of the same URL twice, one for the actual URL and the other for the text that you used for the link. If you had used other text for the link, it probably would have gone through.

The term "Reverse Interracial" is used by groups that deal with interracial couples of White Men and Black Women! Most people in today’s society assume that when it is an interracial couple they never seem to think about the White Men with a Black Women. That is why the category of “Reverse Interracial” has come about.

Yeah, I got that (as the comments show). The question is not what it's supposed to mean but whether the very idea of being reverse interracial is racist and/or sexist.

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