How Well Do You Know the World of Tolkien?

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How well do you know the world of Tolkien?

WISEST OF ALL BEINGS-To you, the world of Tolkien is the real world, and you have familiarized yourself with it. Are you sure you're not a foreigner from Middle-earth?
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[hat tip: Lord of the Kingdom (in the sidebar)]

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Quiet Saturday night. Kids in bed and sound asleep, wife just turned out the light. Me…I will be joining her very soon. Before I say good-bye to this day I offer my thanks to Parableman and The Lord of the Kingdom from whom I found a few quizzes ... Read More


Yeah, I got the same. Doesn't help that I'm a third of the way through my yearly reading of Tolkien. =(

That's a fun quiz; for a final exam, try either of these at Green Books (

Sorry 'bout the link but your comments didn't accept my html link.

The comments should accept links. It's more likely that it didn't like you response to the spam protection question.

I've fixed the link, anyway, so it should now be clickable.

I got the same result, although it showed me that my ME knowledge is getting a bit rusty. I'll be able to read through everything again when my studies are over.

The questions are good - the results look dodgy:

"80% of people had this result."

Yes, I wonder if that's why I've seen just this result. It might be that you can get several wrong and still get the result. I admit to having guessed on a few questions, though they were educated guesses. I was able to eliminate some options as unlikely or impossible. But that doesn't mean I knew the answer. I didn't expect to get them all right, and I'm not sure if I really did.

But there is at least one possible explanation for why 80% of people get this that doesn't involve grading on a curve. It might be that most people who look at the questions give up if they don't know most of them, and thus they aren't counted. Then out of the people who do answer them, 80% do well enough to get this result (which may not require getting them all right).

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