Disturbing Searches

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Stephen and Abigail Thernstrom are racists towards blacks
Once again, we have ridiculous accusation via Google search.

who could rape wonder woman?
Who could come up with the idea to search Google for that?

What would Immanuel Kant think of President Bush lying?
Well, for one thing he'd probably take lying seriously enough that he wouldn't assume that someone has lied when the evidence supports no such thing.

do calvinists like damnation
How many people have you met who like damnation?

black men are sell outs
Yes, all of them. Who would say this sort of thing, anyway? Who would be searching for someone saying it, for that matter?

rainbow sun nationality
He's Canadian. He's from Toronto. What's with this continuing need to assume that someone is from some remote or strange location just because they're of mixed race? Just the fact that he's on Stargate is strong evidence of his being Canadian.

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