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My clone second cousin Danny has another post that I feel like I could have written. What I mean by this is that (1) I happen to agree with everything he says, (2) the things he's most interested in emphasizing are what I think is most important, and (3) the qualifications he makes to his major points are all things I would want to be clear about so that the major points wouldn't be misunderstood. It gets into the purpose of public worship, the connection of being filled with the Spirit and singing songs to each other, and the significance of all that for how we should do public worship. It's a thoroughly balanced post. Also, check out the comments to see why I think the view that public worship is about intimacy with God is not only wrong but even contrary to the real purpose of public worship.


I read Danny's good post and commented there. The least he could do is put you in his links :)

I'm curious about his background in Biblical studies; he seems uncommonly level-headed. Perhaps that's due to his clone.

I believe he's got two years of seminary under his belt at Gordon-Conwell.

Thanks once again for the free publicity. Who knew that the best PR move I've ever made was randomly running into a somewhat-distant cousin? As for the links, well, I don't think I've updated them since I first started the blog, this egregious oversight has been rectified.

I may or may not be level headed, I actually just try not to sound stupid. As for my background, I'm actually only 3 classes short of graduating from Gordon-Conwell. Someday I'll finish, maybe. But I like to point out that I really learned how to read the Bible in undergrad (Southwest Baptist University, where I had wonderful professors). Seminary simply refined (I hope) what I learned there.

God's blessings, Danny.

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