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According to Sitemeter's count, my 300,000th visitor was registered today. Unfortunately, it's not an interesting visitor from a web search. Nor is it a regular reader of my blog whom I can congratulate. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was just me.

The Sitemeter information is pretty sparse. It gives no location, but it gives the first three digits of a Road Runner IP address without specifying the fourth and crucial one. This visitor loaded up my NT Wright post from yesterday by clicking on my main page at 11:56:05. The last visit for this visitor is listed as 2:02:23. I left a comment on that post at exactly that time right after reloading my main page. I was operating on another network at the time but had not restarted since my being on my home network, which masks the IP address in a way that Sitemeter can't detect (but I imagine more sophisticated methods might).

Still, I suppose Jan and David can enjoy the fact that my response to their comments achieved a milestone for this blog.


Congrats anyway - when I started writing my original comment there were no comments on the post. Then, when it went to "preview" Jan's showed up so she must have posted just before I did. So, maybe I'm 299,999, eh?

That's off my last 100 visits now, so I can't check, but I know the one right before mine was a Google search for something that I wouldn't expect have been either of you. You were probably in the range of 299,985 to 299,995, but there's no way to know for sure now. I didn't realize that your comments came in so close to the 300,000th visit. Of course, unless you typed up your comments instantaneously, you were probably closer to the lower end of the range I just gave. When you struck the sitemeter could have been a good deal before when the comment got recorded and thus listed.

Next time such important milestones are around the corner, perhaps you can give us some warnings. I really would have like to have been Mr.No.300,000. Alas, now its too late.

Also, the site meter on my blog can give you good location info.


Congratulations !!!

You spent 15 minutes tracking yourself?


Kyle, where do you get the fifteen minute figure from? I suspect it was far shorter than that, perhaps a minute or two. It didn't take long to figure it out.

Glad we could help, Jeremy. Oh, by the way David, Jan is not a she but a he :) There is a wonderful pic of me in my gallery, beard and all!

You know, when I read David's comment I completely missed the "she". I read it as "he" simply because that was what I was expecting.

I still get the occasional mail addressed to Ms. Jan McKenzie. Here in Europe it's a more common name for men, though it's pronounced something like "Yawn" or "Yan". However, being an American ex-pat for six years has its downside; I'm always the one from somewhere else. Which would you rather be, a man mistaken for a woman or forever alien? :)

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