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rape is it moral or immoral in todays society
It's thoroughly and despicably immoral in any society. What could possibly possess someone to suspect that mere societal differences could ever make rape morally ok?

why did rosa park refuse to not move
That's such a nice example of overnegation that I couldn't fail to miss the opportunity to post it.

madonna why she is a hero
You know, there's got to be something good to say to this one, but nothing I can come up with will do it justice.

sean hannity member of kkk at age 16
Um ... Hannity is from New York, isn't he? Do you really think a Northern Aggressor would fit in well? Even aside from his strong ideological differences with them, he'd hardly be considered a likely candidate for the KKK.

how long does someone has ti be living together to be considered married
The length of time required is zero. Until very recently, most people used to get married before they'd lived together at all (and maybe it's even still most people, for all I know).

vanessa williams nationality is half white and black
No, she was born in the Bronx. Her nationality is American. Since when has anyone's nationality been black, white, or some combination thereof? If I tried to list something like that on an official form, they'd probably put me on some watchlist, assuming I'm in some racial separatist cult that wants to overthrow the government.


Not that this matters at all -- but your proposed answer to the question about marriage is wrong. Or, not wrong, but missing the point. That particular query was almost certainly written by someone interesting in common law marriage -- hence the use of the phrase "to be considered married." In US states which allow common law marriage, the length of time of cohabitation varies and is usually recumbent more on the intention of the couple to be married and their use of the words "husband" and "wife" to describe each other.

Interestingly, Colorado's high court recently ruled on this subject by saying that because Colorado lacks a common law marriage statute and recognizes English common law, that common law marriages are theoretically legal for children as young as twelve.

I didn't say that the intent behind the question was illegitimate. I knew exactly what the person was looking for. What I thought was funny was the exact wording of the question, which literally means something very different from what the person wanted. Many of the searches that I highlight are like that.

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