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According to Matthew, I was a Playful Primate in the Ecosystem on Friday. I was away and didn't get to see it until Saturday when I got his email, and I had then slipped from 100 to 110, back into the Large Mammal Category. I've slipped quite a bit since then over the last two days, currently residing at 206.

I've been in the 70s or 80s before. Somehow when I had three URLs that the Ecosystem recognized I was coming up higher because they all counted redundantly. Joe Carter added me to a Christian blogroll that hundreds of people ended up using, and I was in it three times with different URLs all going to the same blog. Then I got booted from the Ecosystem when the Blogdom of God and Ecosystem both did upgrades within a month of each other (Adrian Warnock thinks it was his fault, but I'm agnostic on the question of blame), and I finally got back in it with the new version of the Ecosystem by adding without the other URLs. It still wasn't letting me add or change my old URLs because of the problem, so I had to disable those completely, remove the good old URL from the entry for the bad old URL, and add the good old URL to the new entry for This process took over a week of making each change one at a time and then waiting for the autoupdate at the Ecosystem to register them before making the next change. Then it took a while for it to recognize all the people linking to me, and I had to email people who linked to the bad old URL to get them to change it so their links would be noticed (and go to the right place, which is a little more important). Finally, hosting the Christian Carnival this week put me over the top. I know from experience that maintaining very high status is next to impossible unless you blog interesting new content every day, and I can't keep that up in a way that can satisfy the diversity of interests that draw people here. In the end, it's always nice not to have to check my site meter as often anyway, and more links means higher Google ranking, which means much more Google traffic and a site meter that recycles itself every few hours.

Of course, what was really fun was being tenth in the whole Ecosystem for a day. The Ecosystem was undergoing severe failure that day, and only something like a couple hundred blogs were even appearing, all but nine of them ones with fewer links than mine (or, more accurately, fewer links from the other people that were still appearing in the Ecosystem). La Shawn Barber was #1 that day. I really wish I'd been able to figure out how to do a screen capture that day.


Just goes to show (again) that quality is not always measured in quantity. Not that some of the high traffic blogs are not quality, but the ones I read from time to time don't come close to your substance.

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