Isaiah 10, Divine Sovereignty, and Human Responsibility

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Rebecca has a nice post up today called Isaiah 10 and Reconciling Friends, arguing that divine sovereignty and human responsibility are old friends and not the enemies some make them out to be.

She's also requested that anyone send her links of recent discussions of this issue so she can collect all the links at the bottom of her post. So if you've noticed anyone else blogging about the issue recently, leave a comment to let her know.

Update: She reposted this in a new context. It was originally posted when people were debating the divine sovereignty issue. The current debate she wants links to is about whether it can be truly said that God killed Jesus. So if you have links to any recent posts on that debate, let her know. See her comment below.


Oops...that's an old post that I just reposted today, and I meant to take that part about collecting links out and forgot to do it. The discussion right now is about whether God killed Jesus (or put Jesus to death.) I was going to use this old post as a foundation for what I write (tomorrow, hopefully) about that issue.

I'm going to go edit now, but I will still welcome the links to posts on whether it can rightly be said that God killed Jesus.

I thought I might have read some of that before, but I wasn't sure.

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