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2.Thomas Aquinas(93%)
3.Baruch Spinoza(73%)
4.William of Ockham(72%)
6.John Stuart Mill(55%)
7.Jeremy Bentham(52%)
8.Immanuel Kant(51%)
13.Nel Noddings(30%)
14.Jean-Paul Sartre(29%)
15.Ayn Rand(28%)
17.Friedrich Nietzsche(16%)
18.David Hume(12%)
19.Thomas Hobbes (4%)

Ethical Philosophy Selector [hat tip: Matthew]

I don't know much about Spinoza's ethical views, but other than that there aren't any surprises until you get to Mill. Mill and Bentham should be below Plato. The Stoics should be at least as high as the Cynics and Plato. Prescriptivism should be no higher than Sartre. If you move those around, I think it would better reflect my own subjective understanding of how I'd rank these philosophers' ethical views. The test makes it more objective, but it of course focuses only on the elements it picks out. My biggest problem is that questions I find important (and thus wanted to rank as important) had more than one right answer that were equally true. I had to choose one and then rank it lower than I wanted so as not to have too much influence over the other answer I liked. If they revise this test, they need to allow you to choose more than one answer. I've changed a bit since I took this in December 2003. I stand by my evaluations of particular questions from that time I took the test. Those problems remain.


I ended up pretty much where I expected to; no surprises here. It's nice to see that my answers line up with what I claim my moral philosophy to be.

1. St. Augustine (100%)
2. Aquinas (94%)
3. Plato (82%)
4. Aristotle (67%)
5. John Stuart Mill (66%)
6. Ayn Rand (57%)
7. Jeremy Bentham (55%)
8. Spinoza (54%)
9. Ockham (49%)
10. David Hume (46%)
11. Epicureans (43%)
12. Jean-Paul Sartre (41%)
13. Kant (39%)
14. Cynics (32%)
15. Prescriptivism (32%)
16. Stoics (31%)
17. Nietzsche (29%)
18. Thomas Hobbes (26%)
19. Nel Noddings (21%)

My top five are:
1. Ayn Rand (100%)
2. Aristotle (87%)
3. Aquinas (76%)
4. Nietzsche (70%)
5. John Stuart Mill (66%)

Hmmm. I'm not likely to find any soulmates here! ;)

Hey, Aristotle and Aquinas are pretty good.

I stand corrected! I could easily become immersed for days reading and/or discussing the works of those two great minds.

And I confess: I could enjoy discussing many other philosophers with whom I respectfully disagree.

1. Jean-Paul Sartre
2. Jeremy Bentham
3. John Stuart Mill
4. Kant
5. Aquinas

This thing is rigged!

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