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Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski and Smallville's Bryce Zabel proposed their plan to rejuvenate Star Trek a little more than two years ago. I posted on this at the time, but they released nothing of the details. Paramount went with J.J. Abrams for an eleventh movie rather than going with what we now know was called Star Trek: Reboot., so Zabel has posted the plan online. It's in this post, if you want the context where he explains it a little, but the PDF for the plan itself is here. I have to say that I wasn't very impressed when I read Zabel's description of it in his post, but the actual plan won me over. I think I would have really liked such a series.


Why don't people start making some good family shows?? All the shows on Tv today are filled with violence, sex, drugs, and everythingelse that is wrong with the world today. i can't even raise my kids without worrying about what they are watching at their friends house or what they are watching while im away from home. It is terrible. While it may be true that such shows as Star Trek and Smallville are good shows, they are good shows for adults. We need more children friendly programming and a way to block the other filth that comes into our homes.

Our kids don't really need a lot more to watch. They're happy to keep watching the same Sesame Street and Veggie Tales stuff over and over again, as long as it's not too much of any one episode. The only stuff on TV that they would think of paying much attention to is on PBS and Disney in the mornings. I imagine as Sophia gets older she might mature in her interests, but the boys don't seem to raise any of those problems yet.

Wow. I just read the PDF and wow.

I agree with laura. Tv has gotten out of control. I recently heard about a new program from tivo called kidzone. i think it is supposed to be kinda like the v-chip, but not sure. Maybe you should check it out...could be your solution.

hey marty...i have a tivo and kidzone and it is wonderful. Kidzone is a new program that lets you block non-family freindly programming. it also recommends additional programming that is family oriented. its is great and definantly worth checking out.

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