U.N. Human Rights Council Changes Name

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It's now going to be called the Human Rights Abusers' Council [hat tip: Say Anything]. It was one thing to do stupid things like this during a period when the U.N. wasn't trying to patch up its public image after several corruption scandals. Now that they're supposed to be trying to overcome that sort of thing, what do they do? They put together a new Human Rights Council and put Cuba, China, and Saudi Arabia on it.

So who would put some of the worst human rights violators on a council about human rights, and what would possess them to do such a thing? I wonder if this is a hint:

Cuba, for its part, hailed its election to the Human Rights Council as a "resounding victory" for the communist regime and a "defeat" for the United States.

Would someone really be so petty as to put human rights violators on the Human Rights Council just to stick it to the U.S.? I sure hope not, but I really can't think of any halfway decent motivation. Short of attributing to them pure evil (e.g. thinking they approve of what these countries do on human rights issues), I think the most charitable thing to do is to explain it by an extremely indecent motivation that isn't quite as bad: heartlessly tolerating evil rather than going all out and approving of it as good. It's still pretty bad, but in lieu of a more charitable explanation I have to consider this.

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