Strangely Framed Searches

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how to kill a fetus so you dont need a n abortion
That must be like "how to cheat on your wife so you don't need to commit adultery" or "how to swallow liquids so you don't have to drink".

What would Don Marquis say about rape?
I suspect he'd probably say that it's thoroughly immoral. Now if what you're really wondering is what he'd say about abortion after a rape, I think his view clearly implies that abortion is just as wrong in cases of rape as it is in other cases. He says abortion is wrong because it robs a fetus of a future like ours, and that's true completely independently of whether a fetus is a person. It's also true regardless of what causes the existence of the fetus, so it should apply in rape cases as much as in any others. But of course that's not what you asked.

kill a fetus without an abortion
Why would anyone want a pregnancy to continue if the fetus is dead?

does marrying someone make you a citizen?
No. You don't automatically become a citizen even even if you marry a citizen. Marrying someone in general sure isn't going to do it.

does the word its have an apostophe?
not the way you wrote it

where is homosexuality located in the world?
Well, if Plato is right then it's not in the world but in the abstract realm of the Forms. If Aristotle is right, then it's in gay people. If Ockham is right, then it doesn't exist at all.

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