Searches With Strange Assumptions

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list of famous actors with one drop black blood
Assuming the premises of the search to begin with, why would anyone think there is such a list? Almost anyone who might fit the description almost certainly doesn't know it, and those who do might either not want it known (for whatever reason, decent or not) or not care enough about it to make a big deal about it.

arguments for playing god
Usually people willing to use this expression think of playing God as a bad thing. People who realize that it's usually a bad argument don't tolerate the use of the expression. I've never before heard of anyone using the expression and yet defending it as a good thing.

is beyonce's mother mixed with the white race
Yes, but she might be even more mixed with the black race. So is it worse to assume that she's black but mixed with white or that she's mixed but black? There seems to something bad about both, even if there's truth to both.

biblical meaning of the word ethics
Now you've got me wondering about these vacuous cases. Is the biblical meaning of the word 'ethics' the same meaning as the biblical meaning of the word 'computer'? If its meaning is the empty set, then I think the answer is yes. I'm not sure what a biblical meaning of a term not in the Bible could be other than the empty set, so I'm sticking with this unless I see a better argument.

is a person in a coma a non-Sentient being
Technically, I think the answer is yes if the words mean what they traditionally mean. A coma is a state that doesn't involve sensory input at all, as far as medical science is concerned (though there is anecdotal evidence to the contrary). Sentience is the property of being able to sense the world. There does seem to be an incompatibility between those two things. Of course, science fiction has for years gotten the meaning of'sentience' drastically wrong by using it as if it means some level of intelligence that human beings have that other sensing creatures on this planet don't have, so in popular-speak it's become a synonym for the kind of being like us, which someone in a coma certainly is.

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