How Are People Finding Parableman Lately?

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"happened to" "holy observer"
Someone asks a question to a search engine and gets my site, and I actually know the answer even though I don't think it's anywhere on my site. Hmm. Well, the answer is simple. They got busy. They started this site as college students who had enough time to do it, and when they graduated and got real jobs it became increasingly difficult to do. They haven't been doing it anymore since the superbowl edition last year that they couldn't get put online in time, and it would have been stupid to publish it after that.

Libertarianism would have a government ban satanic practices consenting adults of sound mind in private
Um ... I think you missed a 'not', 'unless' or some other negation marker.

what happens when circumstantial evidence is circumstantial
I hope nothing special. What would worry me is if the circumstantial evidence weren't circumstantial.

does someone commit suicide every 30 seconds?
Imagine being able to commit suicide every thirty seconds. I supposed cats could maintain that rate for four and a half minutes, but they only have nine lives. I suspect everyone else is going to have trouble sustaining that rate even for the first 30-second cycle.

what is a white liberal
Um ... someone who is, perhaps, both white and liberal? I'm not sure how more obvious you can get. Or is this supposed to be a joke, and I'm supposed to give the answer. Wait, I know the punchline ... a honky donkey!

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