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I like Fox News in terms of their news and on-air programming. I don't think most of the criticism they take is fair (though some is). But one thing I don't like is spammers, and someone who works for the parent company of Fox News has been spamming my blog comments to try to game the Google system to improve the ranking of the Fox News website. They regularly submit comments to my blog under fake names (the latest was Jim Hendrix, but it's usually just a first name, like Lenny or Valerie, and occasionally it's just a set of initials, like hwh). These comments link to news reports on the Fox News site. The text is usually something tangentially related to something I might blog about, but it's always far enough in content from the post that it seems out of place. Most of them have had to do with illegal immigration. The text of the comment usually masks itself as a blog commenter, sometimes sounding upset at something going on and linking to the Fox News source, sometimes just indicating a news story that might be of interest and linking to it. Whoever this is knows something of what they're doing, because they're starting to craft their keywords of the linked text toward search terms that they want Fox News to be ranked more highly with respect to. It's also someone who doesn't quite know enough, because MT now has the capability of tagging comments so that Google doesn't care about them, and I'm pretty sure that's enabled on this blog. That means these efforts are completely effectless, even for the short time the comments are on my blog before I notice them and junk them.

I've checked the IP address from these commenters several times, and they're definitely coming from two computers at Newscorp, the parent company of Fox News, so there's no getting around this. Fox News, or at least their parent company, is spamming me. Perhaps it's just a rogue employee or two, since it's only two IP addresses that have done this (well, three, but one might have been unrelated, since it was from some other network, though it also could have been the same employee at home). This doesn't happen very often. I believe it started in March, so maybe the average frequency is a little less than once a week. It pales in comparison to the average spammer's output, but it's still annoying, and all such comments will get junked. The IP addresses in question are and for anyone who cares.

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