Forthcoming Commentaries (by Book)

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At Lane Keister's recommendation, I'm listing the information in my Forthcoming Commentaries post by book. The original post lists them by series. I intend to update both posts whenever I get new information.

Note: I update these list whenever I get new information about a forthcoming commentary, but I'm not so good at removing forthcoming commentaries when they are published. So don't think the presence of non-forthcoming (because published) commentaries mean it's as out-of-date as that might otherwise suggest. 

AYB: Anchor Yale Bible
ACCS: Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture
ANTC: Abingdon New Testament Commentary
AOTC: Abingdon Old Testament Commentary
Apollos: Apollos Old Testament Commentary
ABC: Asia Bible Commentary
BBC: Blackwell Bible Commentaries
BCBC: Believer's Church Bible Commentary
BCOTP: Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Pentateuch
BCOTWP: Baker Commentary on the Old Testament Wisdom and Psalms
BECNT: Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament
BHGNT: Baker Handbook on the Greek New Testament
BNTC: Black's New Testament Commentary
BO: Berit Olam
BST: Bible Speaks Today
BTCB: Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible CBC: Cornerstone Biblical Commentary CC: Continential Commentary
CCSS: Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture
Conc: Concordia Commentary
EBC: Expositor's Bible Commentary
ECC: Eerdmans Exegetical Commentary
EEC: Evangelical Exegetical Commentary
ESVBEC: ESV Bible Expository Commentary
FOTL: Forms of Old Testament Literature
H: Hermeneia
HCOT: Historical Commentary on the Old Testament
ICC: International Critical Commentary
IVPNTC: IVP New Testament Commentary
JPS: Jewish Publication Society
KECOT: Kregel (unsure of exact name of series)
LHNT: Letters and Homilies of the New Testament
LXXC: Septuagint Commentary
NAC: New American Commentary
NCB: New Century Bible
NCBC: New Cambridge Bible Commentary
NCC: New Covenant Commentary
NIBC: New International Biblical Commentary
NICNT: New International Commenary on the New Testament
NICOT: New International Commenary on the Old Testament
NIGTC: New International Greek Testament Commentary
NIVAC: NIV Application Commentary
NTL: New Testament Library
OTL: Old Testament Library
PC: Pentecostal Commentary
PCNT: Paideia Commentaries on the New Testament
PNTC: Pillar New Testament Commentary
PTW: Preaching the Word
R: Readings
RRA: Rhetoric of Religious Antiquity
REC: Reformed Expository Commentary
RF: Regula Fidei
SH: Smyth & Helwys
SP: Sacra Pagina
SRC: Socio-Rhetorical Commentary
THB: Text of the Hebrew Bible
THNTC: Two Horizons New Testament Commentary
THOTC: Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary
TOTC: Tyndale Old Testament Commentary
WeBC: Westminster Bible Companion
WBC: Word Biblical Commentary
ZEC: Zondervan Exegetical Commentary

(see also here for some indication on when some of these might be done)
David L. Adams (Conc)
Bill Arnold (NCBC, Oct 2008)
David Baker (Apollos)
William Barrick (EEC, projected for 2016)
Erhard Blum (HCOT)
Walter Brueggemann (Old Testament for Everyone, two volumes, lay level)
Richard Clifford (H, one volume expected, probably not until at least 2010)
John Day (ICC, at least chs.1-11)
Duane Garrett (KECOT)
Ronald S. Hendel (AYB replacement, 2 volumes; chs.1-11 originally expected 2008)
Theodore Hiebert (AOTC)
James McKeown (THOTC, Feb 2008)
Kathleen M. O'Connor (SH)
David L. Petersen (OTL replacement)
R. R. Reno (BTCB, Jan 2010)
Allen Ross (CBC, bound with Exodus)
Laurence Turner, 2nd ed. (Aug 2009)

T. Desmond Alexander (Apollos)
John Behr (BTCB)
Richard Briggs (BCOTP)
Thomas Dozeman (ECC, July 2009
James Bruckner (NIBC, Mar 2008)
Eugene Carpenter (EEC, projected for 2012)
G.I. Davies (ICC)
Duane Garrett (KECOT)
Victor P. Hamilton (Baker)
William Johnstone (SH)
Rolf P. Knierim, Exodus 19-40 (FOTL)
Tremper Longman (THOTC)
S. Dean McBride, Jr. (H)
Dennis Olson (AOTC)
John Oswalt (CBC, bound with Genesis)
Frank Polak (BO, July 2007) [conflicting report: David W Cotter (July 2006)]
Phlip Ryken (PTW)
Paul L. Schrieber (Conc)
Brent A. Strawn (NICOT, not until at least 2013)

Gary Anderson (H)
Richard Averbeck (EEC, projected for 2017)
David W. Baker (CBC, bound with Numbers and Deuteronomy)
Mark Elliott (BBC)
Rodney Hutton (FOTL)
Kenneth Mathews (PTW)
Ephraim Radner (BTCB, June 2008)
Joachim Schaper (ICC)
Jay Sklar (TOTC replacement)
William Tooman (BCOTP)
James W. Watts (HCOT)
Timothy Willis (AOTC, Apr 2009)
Perry Yoder (BCBC)

Ronald B. Allen (EBC rev.)
David Baker (BCBC)
Dale A. Brueggemann (CBC, bound with Leviticus, Deuteronomy)
George W. Coats and Rolf P. Knierim (FOTL)
Dennis Cole (EEC, 2016)
Frank Gosling (HCOT) [conflicting report: John F. Elwolde]
Nathan R. Jastram (Conc)
Nathan MacDonald (THOTC)
John Sailhamer (WBC replacement, Aug 2010)
David Stubbs (BTCB, April 2009)
Moshe Weinfeld (H)

Bill Arnold (NICOT replacement, probably not available until at least 2013)
Daniel Block (NIVAC, 2012)
John Currid (Evangelical Press)
Adolph L. Harstad (Conc)
Gerald Gerbrandt (BCBC)
Michael Grisanti (EEC)
Michael Grisanti (EBC replacement)
Cornelis Houtman (HCOT)
Norbert Lohfink and Georg Braulik (H)
Jack Lundbom (ECC)
Eugene Merrill (CBC, bound with Leviticus, Numbers)
Eugene Merrill (EEC, projected for 2014)
Sandy Richter (THOTC)
Brent Strawn (NCBC)
Frederick G. Tiffany (FOTL)
Moshe Weinfeld, Deut 12-34 (AYB, expected to be two more volumes)
Telford Work (BTCB, Feb 2009)

Graeme Auld (ICC)
Trent C. Butler (WBC rev., March 2009)
Joseph Coleson (CBC, bound with Judges, Ruth)
John Franke (BTCB)
Leonard Greenspoon (JPS)
Ralph Hawkins (EEC, 2016)
Robert Hubbard (FOTL) with Judges by Clark
Robert Hubbard (NIVAC, June 2009)
Douglas A. Knight (NCBC)
Helene Dallairre (EBC replacement)
Gordon Matties (BCBC)
P. Kyle McCarter (H)
J. Gordon McConville and Stephen Williams (THOTC, April 2010)
Steven L. McKenzie (SH)
Pekka Pitkanen (Apollos, 2009)
Hartmut Roesel (HCOT)
Lawson Stone (NICOT replacement)

Mark Boda (EBC replacement)
Mark E. Braun (Conc)
Trent C. Butler (WBC, Sept 2008; see here)
Robert B. Chisholm, Jr. (KECOT, 2008)
Malcolm M. Clark (FOTL) with Joshua by Hubbard
J. Alan Groves (THOTC, deceased and unknown if he finished enough to publish)
Gordon Hugenberger (Apollos)
Fred Mabie (EEC)
A.D.H. Mayes (ICC) [unclear if whole book or just chs.6-21]
Gordon McConville and Stephen Williams (THOTC)
Richard Nelson (ECC)
Susan Niditch (OTL replacement)
Judith E. Sanderson (SH)
Jack Sasson (AYB replacement; May 2014)
Klaus Spronk (HCOT)
Lawson Stone (CBC, bound with Joshua, Ruth)
Barry Webb (NICOT, originally expected fall 2010)

Robert B. Chisholm, Jr. (KECOT, 2008)
Jason Driesbach (CBC, bound with Joshua, Judges)
Stephen Fowl (BTCB) with Samuel Wells on Esther
L. Daniel Hawk (Apollos)
Marjo C.A. Korpel (HCOT)
Kandy Queen-Sutherland (SH)
George Schwab (EBC replacement)
Ronald Youngblood (EEC)

Graeme Auld (OTL replacement)
Daniel Block (BCBC)
David Firth (Apollos, Oct 2009)
Harry Hoffner (EEC, 2015)
David Gunn (BBC, July 2006)
Jichan Kim, II Samuel (FOTL)
Jichan Kim, II Samuel (HCOT)
Ralph W. Klein (WBC 2nd ed., Aug 2008; see here)
Francesca Aran Murphy, I Samuel (BTCB)
Craig Morrison, II Samuel (BO, May 2007) [conflicting report: Stephen Pisano]
David Toshio Tsumura, I Samuel (NICOT, Feb/Mar 2007)
David Toshio Tsumura, II Samuel (NICOT)
J. Robert Vannoy (CBC, bound with Kings)
Ake Viberg, I Samuel (HCOT)
John Woodhouse (PTW, Feb 2008)
John Woodhouse (PTW)
Ronald F. Youngblood (EBC rev.)

Lissa Wray Beal (Apollos)
Gordon Brubacher (BCBC)
Kevin J. Cathcart, II Kings (HCOT)
Marco Conti: Kings, Chronicles, Ezra-Nehemiah, Esther (ACCS, Mar 2008)
Don Fowler (CBC, bound with Samuel)
Robert Fyall (Mentor)
Richard Hess (NICOT)
Gina Hens-Piazza (AOTC, Dec 2006)
Walter A. Maier III (Conc)
Martin O'Kane (BBC, Dec 2005?)
John Oswalt (EEC, projected for 2016)
Richard J. Patterson and Hermann J. Austel (EBC rev.)
Jurie le Roux, I Kings 12-22 (HCOT)
Frank Anthony Spina (THOTC)
Marvin Sweeney (OTL replacement, Aug 2007)
Robert McL. Wilson (H)
John Woodhouse (PTW) 

Mark Boda (CBC, 2010 )
Keith Bodner (NICOT)
Marco Conti: Kings, Chronicles, Ezra-Nehemiah, Esther (ACCS, Feb 2008)
Rodney Duke (Apollos)
Daniel L. Gard (Conc)
Scott Hahn (BTCB)
Kenneth E. Hoglund (SH)
Isaac Kalimi, II Chronicles (HCOT)
Ralph Klein, II Chronicles (H)
Gary Knoppers, II Chronicles (AYB replacement)
Gus Konkel (BCBC)
Claude Mariottini (almost done but publisher undetermined)
Eugene Mayhew (EEC, 2016)
William M. Schniedewind (NCBC)
Tyler Williams (EBC replacement, Nov 2010)
John Woodhouse (PTW)
John W. Wright (BO)

Bob E.J.H. Berking or Becking?, Ezra (HCOT)
Mark Boda (TOTC replacement)
Marco Conti: Kings, Chronicles, Ezra-Nehemiah, Esther (ACCS, Feb 2008)
Tamara Cohn Eskenazi (AYB replacement)
Lisbeth Fried (ECC)
Robert Fyall, Ezra and Haggai (BST, Feb 2011)
Douglas J. Green (NIVAC, 2009)
Hannah Harrington (NICOT replacement)
Kenneth E. Hoglund (SH)
Gerald Klingbeil (Apollos)
Matthew Levering (BTCB, Oct 2007)
Israel Loken (EEC, projected for June 2011)
Edward Noort, Nehemiah (HCOT)
Tiberius Rata (Mentor)
Debra Reid (TOTC replacement, April 2008)
Kent Richards (FOTL)
Gary Smith (CBC, bound with Esther)
Shemaryahu Talmon (H)
Edwin Yamauchi (EBC rev., Nov 2010)

Jo Carruthers (BBC)
Marco Conti: Kings, Chronicles, Ezra-Nehemiah, Esther (ACCS, Feb 2008)
David Firth (BST, Oct 2010)
Michael Fox (H)
Robert Hubbard (NICOT)
Gerald Klingbeil (Apollos)
Marjo C.A. Korpel (HCOT)
Michael O'Connor (H)
Elaine Phillips (EBC replacement, Nov 2010)
Kandy Queen-Sutherland (SH)
Gary Smith (CBC, bound with Ezra, Nehemiah)
Anthony Tomasino (EEC, projected for 2013)
Samuel Wells (BTCB) with Stephen Fowl on Ruth

Samuel E. Balentine (SH)
David Burrell (BTCB)
David Clines, Job 21-37 (WBC, Jan 2007)
David Clines, Job 38-42 (WBC, Feb 2008)
Michael Coogan (H)
Michael V. Fox (OTL replacement)
Duane Garrett (EEC, projected for 2019)
Edward Greenstein (BO)
Richard S. Hess (HCOT)
Tremper Longman (BCOTWP, late 2011)
Robert Neff (BCBC)
Choon-Leong Seow (ECC)
Elmer B. Smick and Tremper Longman III (EBC rev., Nov 2010)
John Walton (NIVAC, 2012) 
Gerald H. Wilson (NIBC, May or June 2007)
Lindsay Wilson (THOTC, 2009?)
Tony Yorke? York? (BBC, Sept 2006)

William H. Bellinger (SH)
Craig Blaising and Carmen Hardin, ed., Psalms 1-50 (ACCS, Sept 2008)
Quentin F. Wesselschmidt, ed., Psalms 51-100 (ACCS, Oct 2007)
Mark Boda (LXXC)
Phil J. Botha and Gert T.M. Prinsloo (HCOT)
William Patrick Brown (OTL replacement) [his C.V. lists the contract deadline as January 2011]
Walter Brueggemann and Patrick Miller (NCBC)
L. Russ Bush (series unknown, unknown if whole book)
Ellen Charr (Charry?), Anne Astell (BTCB)
Robert Cole, Psalms 1-89 (NAC)
Mark Futato (CBC, bound with Proverbs)
Susan Gillingham (BBC, June 2006)
John Goldingay, Psalms 90-150 (BCOTWP, Nov 2008)
Jamie Grant, Psalms 73-150 (NIVAC)
Geoffrey W. Grogan (THOTC, April 2008)
Frank-Lothar Hossfeld and Erich Zenger, Psalms 1-50 (H)
Frank-Lothar Hossfeld and Erich Zenger, Psalms 101-150 (H)
Rolf Jacobsen, Nancy deClaisse-Walford, and Beth LaNeel Tanner (NICOT)
Tremper Longman (TOTC replacement)
Allen Ross (KECOT, 2008) (1-72 out Jan 2011)
Timothy E. Saleska (Conc)
Andrew Schmutzer & Randall Gauthier (EEC)
Jerry Shepherd, Psalms 90-150 (NAC)
Benjamin D. Sommer (editor), Adele Berlin, Mark Zvi Brettler, Alan Cooper, Avigdor Shinan, Yair Zakovich (JPS)
Willem A. VanGemeren (EBC rev., May 2008)
Bruce Waltke and James Housston (April 2010)
James Waltner (BCBC, Nov 2006)
Gordon Wenham (Apollos)
Quentin Wesselschmidt, ed., Psalms 51-150 (ACCS, Nov 2007)

Chris Ansberry (EEC)
Michael Fox, Proverbs 10-31 (AYB replacement, June 15, 2009)
Gordon Johnston (KECOT)
Jan Joosten (ICC)
James A. Loader (HCOT, vol. 1 nearing publication)
Thomas McCreesh (BO)
Paul Overland (Apollos)
Allen P. Ross (EBC rev., Aug 2008)
Bernd Schipper (H)
George Schwab (CBC, bound with Psalms)
Daniel Treier (BTCB)
Christine Yoder (AOTC, May 2009))

Craig Bartholemew (BCOTWP: June 1, 2009)
James G. Bollhagen (Conc)
Eric Christianson (BBC, Jan 2007)
Peter Enns (THNTC, 2008)
Daniel Fredericks (Apollos, bound with Daniel Estes on Song of Songs; July 2010)
Stephen Garfinkel (BO)
Gordon Johnston (KECOT)
Bob McCabe & Kyle Dunham (EEC)
Anton Schoors (HCOT)
Jerry Shepherd (EBC replacement, Aug 2008)
Daniel Treier (BTCB)
Stuart A. Weeks (ICC)

Song of Songs:
Christina Bucher (BCBC)
Frederick W. Dobbs-Allsopp (ECC)
Iain Duguid (TOTC) see here
Daniel Estes (Apollos, bound with Daniel Fredericks on Ecclesiastes; July 2010)
Michael Fishbane (JPS)
Paul Griffiths (BTCB)
Gordon Johnston (KECOT)
Boyd Luter (EEC, 2013)
Kandy Queen-Sutherland (SH)
George Schwab (EBC replacement, Aug 2008)
Wilfred G.E. Watson (HCOT)

David Baer, Isaiah 1-39 (NCBC)
Andrew Bartelt (Bartlet?) and Paul Raabe, Isaiah 1-39 (ECC)
Andrew H. Bartelt, Isaiah 1-12 (Conc)
Todd Beall (EEC, projected for 2016)
Willem A.M. Beuken, Isaiah 13-27 (HCOT)
Carol Dempsey, Isaiah 1-39 (BO, May 2007)
Mark W. Elliott, ed., Isaiah 40-66 (ACCS, Sept 2007)
John A. Emerton, Isaiah 28-39 (ICC)
Chris Franke, Isaiah 40-55 (BO)
Ivan Friesen (BCBC, April 2008)
John Goldingay and David Payne, Isaiah 40-55 (ICC, vol. 1 Jan 2007)
Geoffrey W. Grogan (EBC rev., Aug 2008)
Hendrik Leene, Isaiah 1-12 (HCOT)
R. Reed Lessing, Isaiah 40-55 (Conc, Dec 2011)
 R. Reed Lessing, Isaiah 56-66 (Conc, due to publisher 2017)
Roy F. Melugin, Isaiah 40-66 (FOTL)
Peter D. Miscall (R, June 2006)
Shalom Paul, Isaiah 40-66 (ECC)
Gregory J. Polan, Isaiah 56-66 (BO)
Paul R. Raabe, Isaiah 13-39 (Conc)
J.J.M. Roberts, Isaiah 1-39 (H)
John Sawyer (BBC, Sept 2006)
Richard Schultz (Apollos)
Gary Smith (Isaiah 40-66, NAC, Sept 2009)
Patricia K. Tull (SH)
J. Ross Wagner (LXXC)
H.G.M. Williamson, Isaiah 6-27 (ICC)

Leslie C. Allen (OTL replacement, Dec 2008)
Michael Brown (EBC replacement)
Mary Callaway (BBC)
Baruch Halpern (NCBC)
Walter Kaiser & Tiberius Rata (EEC, 2016)
Tremper Longman (NIBC, May 2008)
Bob? Ben? J. Oosterhoff and Erik Peels (HCOT)
Pamela Scalise (NICOT replacement)
Kevin Vanhoozer (BTCB)
Pauline A. Viviano (BO, Dec 2006)
Dean O. Wenthe (Conc, with Lamentations)
Richard D. Weiss (FOTL)
Dean O. Wenthe, ed., Jeremiah and Lamentations (ACCS, Apr 2009)
Christopher Wright (BST, bound with Lamentations, said in 2008 that it would be at least a couple years)

Wilma Bailey (BCBC)
Abner Chou (EEC, 2014)
Paul Ferris (EBC replacement)
Edward Greenstein (JPS)
Robert Hubbard (NICOT)
Paul Joyce (BBC, Sept 2007)
Tremper Longman (NIBC)
Robin Parry (THOTC, Aug 2010)
Kandy Queen-Sutherland (SH)
J.J.M. Roberts (H)
Robert Salters (ICC)
Pauline A. Viviano (BO)
Dean O. Wenthe, ed., Jeremiah and Lamentations (ACCS, Jan 2009)
Dean O. Wenthe (Conc, wiith Jeremiah)
Christopher Wright (BST, bound with Jeremiah, said in 2008 that it would be at least a couple years)

Ralph H. Alexander (EBC rev.)
Michael Glerup & Kenneth Stevenson, eds., Ezekiel and Daniel (ACCS, Jan 2008)
Robert Jenson (BTCB; May 2009)
Paul Joyce (NCB)
Andrew Mein (BBC)
Jacob Milgrom (perhaps including Moshe Greenberg's work), Ezekiel 38-48 (AYB)
Corrine Patton, Ezekiel 25-48 (HCOT)
Mark Rooker (EEC, projected for 2016)
Jean-Pierre Ruiz (BO)
Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer (Apollos)
David L. Thompson (CBC, bound with Daniel)
Steven Tuell (NIBC, Feb 2009)
Herrie F. van Rooy, Ezekiel 1-24 (HCOT)

Lawrence E. Boadt (BO)
Eugene Carpenter (CBC) [bound with Ezekiel]
Iain Duguid (REC, March 2008)
Michael Glerup & Kenneth Stevenson, eds., Ezekiel and Daniel (ACCS, Dec 2007)
Andrew Hill (EBC replacement)
Jacqueline Lapsley (OTL replacement)
Brian Mastin (ICC)
William Nelson (NIBC, October 2009)
Sharon Pace (SH, 2008)
George Sumner (BTCB)
J. Paul Tanner (EEC, 2018)
Jan-Wim Wesselius (HCOT)
R. Glenn Wooden (NICOT)

M. Daniel Carroll R. (Apollos)
M. Daniel Carroll R. (EBC replacement)
Dwight R. Daniels (HCOT)
J. Andrew Dearman (NICOT) (Aug 2010)
James D. Nogalski (SH)
Richard Patterson (CBC, bound with rest of Minor Prophets)
J.J.M. Roberts (NCBC)
Douglas Stuart (2nd ed., WBC, Nov 2007)
Gary Yates (EEC, with Joel and Obadiah, 2015)

Ehud Ben-Zvi, Gene Tucker, and J. William Whedbee, Minor Prophets I (FOTL)
Robert Gordon (ICC)
Ted Hiebert (H)
Gert Kwakkel (HCOT) [conflicting report: William van den Meer (Willem Van der Meer?)]
Thomas P. Nass (Conc)
Peter Naylor (Apollos)
James D. Nogalski (SH)
Richard Patterson (CBC, bound with rest of Minor Prophets)
Richard D. Patterson (EBC rev.)
J.J.M. Roberts (NCBC)
Douglas Stuart (2nd ed., WBC, Nov 2007)
Gary Yates (EEC, with Hosea and Obadiah, 2015)

Ehud Ben-Zvi, Gene Tucker, and J. William Whedbee, Minor Prophets I (FOTL)
Meindert Dijkstra (HCOT)
M. Daniel Carroll R. (NICOT)
Robert Gordon (ICC)
Andrew Hill (CBC, bound with rest of Minor Prophets)
JoAnna Hoyt (EEC, with Jonah, Micah)
Thomas E. McComiskey and Tremper Longman III (EBC rev.)
Karl Möller (THOTC)
Peter Naylor (Apollos)
James D. Nogalski (SH)
J.J.M. Roberts (NCBC)
Douglas Stuart (2nd ed., WBC, Nov 2007)

Carl E. Armerding (EBC rev.)
Gordon Bridger (BST, Dec 2010; bound with Nahum, Zephaniah)
Ehud Ben-Zvi, Gene Tucker, and J. William Whedbee, Minor Prophets I (FOTL)
Robert Gordon (ICC)
Karl Möller (Apollos)
James D. Nogalski (SH)
Richard Patterson (CBC, bound with rest of Minor Prophets)
Douglas Stuart (2nd ed., WBC, Nov 2007)
Gary Yates (EEC, with Hosea & Joel, 2015)

Ehud Ben-Zvi, Gene Tucker, and J. William Whedbee, Minor Prophets I (FOTL)
Phillip Cary (BTCB, Oct 2008)
JoAnna Hoyt (EEC, with Amos, Micah)
James Kugel (H)
Karl Möller (Apollos)
James D. Nogalski (SH)
Richard Patterson (CBC, bound with rest of Minor Prophets)
Johannes H. Potgieter (HCOT)
Yvonne Sherwood (BBC)
Douglas Stuart (2nd ed., WBC, Nov 2007)

Johannes C. de Moor (HCOT)
Andrew Hill (CBC, bound with rest of Minor Prophets)
JoAnna Hoyt (EEC, with Amos, Jonah)
Philip Jensen (NCB)
Thomas E. McComiskey and Tremper Longman III (EBC rev.)
Karl Möller (Apollos)
James D. Nogalski (SH)
Ben Ollenburger (BCBC)
Douglas Stuart (WBC 2nd ed., Nov 2007)

Carl E. Armerding (EBC rev.)
Gordon Bridger (BST, Dec 2010; bound with Obadiah, Zephaniah)
Kevin Cathcart (ICC)
Duane Christensen (AYB, Oct 2009)
John Goldingay (NIBC, bound with his Hab-Hag and Scalise's Zech-Mal, Oct 2009)
Russell D. Nelson (Conc, with Hab, Zeph)
James D. Nogalski (SH)
Julia O'Brien, 2nd ed. (July 2009)
Richard Patterson (CBC, bound with rest of Minor Prophets)
Thomas Renz (NICOT replacement)
Douglas Stuart (WBC 2nd ed., Oct 2009)
Rick Taylor (EEC, Nahum-Malachi)
Kevin Warstler (EEC, with Habakkuk and Zephaniah, 2015)

Carl E. Armerding (EBC rev.)
Kevin Cathcart (ICC)
John Goldingay (NIBC, bound with his Nah,Zeph-Hag and Scalise's Zech-Mal, Oct 2009)
David Hartzfeld (Apollos)
Rebecca G.S. Idestrom (PC)
Russell D. Nelson (Conc, with Nahum, Zeph)
James D. Nogalski (SH)
Richard Patterson (CBC, bound with rest of Minor Prophets)
Gert Prinsloo (HCOT, nearing publication)
Thomas Renz (NICOT replacement)
Douglas Stuart (WBC 2nd ed., Oct 2009)
Rick Taylor (EEC, Nahum-Malachi)
David Vanderhooft (H)
Kevin Warstler (EEC, with Nahum and Zephaniah, 2015)

Gordon Bridger (BST, Dec 2010; bound with Nahum, Obadiah)
Kevin Cathcart (ICC)
Jason DeRouchie (ESVBEC)
Jason DeRouchie (ZEC)
John Goldingay (NIBC, bound with his Nah-Hab,Hag and Scalise's Zech-Mal, Oct 2009)
Rebecca G.S. Idestrom (PC)
Boyd Luter (Apollos)
Russell D. Nelson (Conc, with Nahum, Hab)
James D. Nogalski (SH)
Richard Patterson (CBC, bound with rest of Minor Prophets)
Thomas Renz (NICOT replacement)
Douglas Stuart (WBC 2nd ed., Oct 2009)
Rick Taylor (EEC, Nahum-Malachi)
Larry Walker (EBC rev.)
Kevin Warstler (EEC, with Nahum and Habakkuk, 2015)

Richard Coggins (BBC)
Dorian Coover-Cox & Daniel Lowery (EEC with Zechariah & Malachi, 2016)
Robert Fyall, Ezra and Haggai (BST, Mar 2008)
John Goldingay (NIBC, bound with his Nah-Zeph and Scalise's Zech-Mal, Oct 2009)
Robert Gordon (ICC)
Paul D. Hanson (H)
Andrew Hill (CBC, bound with rest of Minor Prophets)
Mignon Jacobs (NICOT replacement)
William Th. Koopmans (HCOT)
Boyd Luter (Apollos)
Eugene Merrill (EBC replacement)
James D. Nogalski (SH)
Pamela Scalise (NIBC, Nahum-Malachi)
Patricia Shelley? (BCBC)
Douglas Stuart (WBC 2nd ed., Oct 2009)

Kenneth L. Barker (EBC rev.)
Mark Boda (NICOT)
Richard Coggins (BBC)
Dorian Coover-Cox & Daniel Lowery (EEC with Haggai & Malachi, 2016)
Robert Gordon (ICC)
Paul D. Hanson (H)
Andrew Hill (CBC, bound with rest of Minor Prophets)
George Klein (NAC, August 2007)
Boyd Luter (Apollos)
James D. Nogalski (SH)
Richard D. Phillips (REC)
Patricia Shelley? (BCBC)
Pamela Scalise (NIBC, bound with her Mal and John Goldingay's Nah-Hag, Oct 2009)
Douglas Stuart (WBC 2nd ed., Oct 2009)
Al Wolters (HCOT)

Richard Coggins (BBC)
Dorian Coover-Cox & Daniel Lowery (EEC with Haggai & Zechariah, 2016)
Robert Gordon (ICC)
Andrew Hill (CBC, bound with rest of Minor Prophets)
Mignon Jacobs (NICOT replacement)
Eugene Merrill (EBC replacement)
James D. Nogalski (SH)
Pamela Scalise (NIBC, bound with her Zech and John Goldingay's Nah-Hag, Oct 2009)
Patricia Shelley? (BCBC)
S.D. Snyman (HCOT)
Douglas Stuart (WBC 2nd ed., Oct 2009)
Adam S. van der Woude (H)
N.T. Wright (BST)

D. Bauer (RRA)
Rick Beaton (BNTC)
D.A. Carson (EBC rev., Nov 2010)
Daniel Doriani (REC, Dec 2008)
Craig A. Evans (NCBC)
Richard T. France (NICNT, August 2007)
David J. Graham (THNTC) [but the report of that said it would be out in 2000]
Craig Keener (SRC, July 2009)
Jack D. Kingsbury (ECC)
Dave Lowery (EEC, projected for 2017)
Scot McKnight (RF, just Sermon on the Mount, 2011)
John P. Meier (AYB replacement)
Grant Osborne (ZEC, Oct 2011)
Jonathan Pennington (PNTC replacement, not until at least 2015)
Edward Sri and Curtis Mitch (CCSS)
Charles H. Talbert (PCNT)
David L. Turner (BECNT, April 2008)
Joel Willitts (NCC)

Mary Ann Beavis (PCNT)
C. Clifton Black (ANTC)
M. Eugene Boring (NTL, Nov 2006)
P.J.J. Botha (RRA)
Adela Yarbro Collins (H, Nov 2007)
R. Alan Culpepper (SH, July 2007)
Margaret Davies (Readings, March 2009)
Rodney Decker (BHGNT)
James Dunn (ICC) [conflicting report: R.S. Barbour]
Craig Evans, Mark 1:1-8:26 (WBC replacement, 2009)
Jeffrey A. Gibbs (Conc)
Ron Kernaghan (IVPNTC, Mar 2007)
Christine Joynes (BBC)
Dieter Luhrmann (CC) [translation of a 1987 work]
Joel Marcus, Mark 8:22-16:? (AYB replacement)
John Michael McDermott (BTCB)
Thorsten Moritz (THNTC)
Andrew Pitts (EEC)
Emerson Byron Powery (PC)
Robert H. Stein (BECNT, Nov 2008)
Mark Strauss (ZEC)
Kim Huat Tan (NCC)
James W. Voelz (Conc)
Rikk E. Watts (NICNT replacement)
Walter W. Wessell and Mark L. Strauss (EBC rev., Nov 2010)

Loveday Alexander (BNTC)
Richard Bauckham (ICC)
Francois Bovon, Luke 9:51-19:27 (H)
Francois Bovon, 19:28-24:53 (H)
Jeannine Brown (NCC)
John T. Carroll (NTL)
David Garland (ZEC, due 2007)
Timothy Gray (CCSS)
Peter M. Head (PNTC)
David Lyle Jeffrey (BTCB)
Amy-Jill Levine and Ben Witherington III (NCBC)
Walter L. Liefeld and David W. Pao (EBC rev., Jan 2007)
I. Howard Marshall (NIGTC, 2nd ed.)
Mikeal C. Parsons (PCNT)
Mikeal C. Parsons and Martin Culy (BHGNT, Sept 2008)
Stanley Porter (EEC, projected for 2016)
V.K. Robbins (RRA)
Philip Ryken (REC)
Mary Schertz (BCBC)
Mark Strauss (THNTC)
Richard B. Vinson (SH) [acc. to their website; another source had Mikeal C. Parsons]

Paul Anderson (SH) [acc. to their website; another source had Paul Duke]
Harold Attridge (H)
Richard Bauckham (NIGTC)
Richard Bauckham (THNTC)
Jo-Ann A. Brant (PCNT)
Joel C. Elowsky, ed., John 1-10 (ACCS, Jan 2007)
Joel C. Elowsky, ed., John 11-21 (ACCS, May 2007)
W. Hall Harris (EEC)
Jey Kanagaraj (NCC)
Bruce Marshall (BTCB)
Francis Martin and William M. Wright IV (CCSS)
Edward (Mickey) Klink (ZEC, 2014)
John McHugh (ICC, chs.1-4, due out Aug 2008)
J. Ramsay Michaels (NICNT replacement, Sept 2010)
Robert Mounce (EBC replacement, Jan 2007)
Jerome H. Neyrey (NCBC, Dec 2006)
John Painter (SRC)
Willard Swartley (BCBC)
Marianne Meye Thompson (NTL)
G. van den Heever (RRA)
Urban C. von Wahlde (ECC) (Oct 2010)
William C. Weinrich (Conc)

Loveday Alexander (BNTC)
Darrell Bock (BECNT, Oct 2007)
J. Bradley Chance (SH)
Youngmo Cho (NCC)
Joel Green (NICNT replacement)
Carl R. Holladay (NTL)
Douglas Huffman (EEC)
Craig Keener (Eerdmans, not in a series)
William Kurz (CCSS)
Richard N. Longenecker (EBC rev., Jan 2007)
Jeffrey A. Oschwald (Conc)
T. Penner (RRA)
Richard Pervo (H, Nov 2008)
David Peterson (PNTC, March 2009)
Stanley Porter (NIGTC)
Mikeal C. Parsons (PCNT, Nov 2008)
Eckhard J. Schnabel (ZEC)
Derek Thomas (REC)
Steve Walton, Acts 1-14 (WBC, Nov 2011)
Steve Walton, Acts 15-28 (WBC, Nov 2013)
J. Weatherley (THNTC)

Michael Bird (RF)
W.S. Campbell (RRA)
Paul Fiddes (BBC)
Beverly R. Gaventa (NTL)
Scott Hahn (CCSS)
Everett F. Harrison & Donald A. Hagner (EBC rev., Oct 2007)
Robert Jewett (H, Nov 206)
Craig Keener (NCC, Sept 2009)
Colin Kruse (PNTC replacement)
Richard Longenecker (NIGTC)
I. Howard Marshall and Stephen N. Williams (THNTC)
Frank J. Matera (PCNT)
Michael P. Middendorf (Conc, chs.1-8 due 2014)
Stanley Porter (BCGNT)
Frank Thielman (ZEC)
David Yeago (BTCB)

I Corinthians:
William Baker (CBC, bound with II Corinthians)
Mark Bonnington (THNTC)
Alexandra R. Brown (NTL)
Andrew Clark (WBC, Nov 2013)
E. Earle Ellis (ICC)
Gordon Fee (NICNT revision)
Joseph Fitzmyer (AYB, July 2008)
Paul Gardner (ZEC)
H. Wayne House (EEC)
Craig Keener (academic commentary, series unknown or undetermined)
George T. Montague (CCSS)
R. Scott Nash (SH)
Dan Nighswander (BCBC)
Jorunn Okland (BBC)
Roger Omanson (BCGNT)
B. J. Oropeza (NCC, 2012)
Pheme Perkins (PCNT)
Brian Rosner and Roy Ciampa (PNTC, Oct 2010)
Mark Taylor (NAC)
Anthony Thiselton: 1 Corinthians: A Shorter Exegetical and Pastoral Commentary (Eerdmans, Sept 2006)
Verlyn Verbrugge (EBC replacement, Oct 2007)
C. Wanamaker (RRA)
Bernd Wannenwetsch (BTCB)

II Corinthians:
Raymond J. Collins (PCNT)
David deSilva (NCC)
Peter Graebe (PC)
George Guthrie (BECNT, hoping to finish writing by summer 2010)
Murray J. Harris (EBC rev., Oct 2007)
Ralph Martin (CBC, bound with I Corinthians) [due to publisher June 2006]
Ralph Martin (WBC rev.) [due to publisher 2008]
Mitzi L. Minor (SH, Aug 2009)
Margaret M. Mitchell (H)
B.J. Oropeza (RRA)
Calvin Roetzel (ANTC, 2007)
Vilson Scholz (Conc)
Love L. Sechrest (RF)
Mark A. Seifrid (PNTC)
Thomas D. Stegman (CCSS)
Philip Towner (THNTC)
Bernd Wannenwetsch (BTCB)
Bruce Winter (ZEC)

Michael Burer (EEC, 2016)
D.A. Carson (PNTC)
Martinus de Boer (NTL)
A. Andrew Das (Conc, due 2013)
David DeSilva (NICNT, 2010; see here)
Gordon Fee (PC)
Donald Garlington (EBC replacement, Oct 2007)
Katherine Greene-McCreight (BTCB)
Douglas Moo (BECNT, working on after Col/Phlm)
Peter Oakes (PCNT)
John Riches (BBC)
Thomas Schreiner (BHGNT)
Thomas Schreiner (ZEC, Dec 2011)
Graham N. Stanton (ICC)
Brian Vickers (NCC)
Robert Van Voorst (ECC)
Andrew H. Wakefield (SH)
Joel Willits (RF)
Ronald D. Witherup (CCSS)
N.T. Wright (THNTC)

Clinton Arnold (ZEC, Dec 2011)
Steve Baugh (EEC, 2015)
Lynn Cohick (NCC)
Stephen Fowl (NTL)
Holland Hendrix (H)
Harold Hoehner (CBC, bound with Philippians, Colossians, Philemon, Thessalonians)
William Larkin (BHGNT)
F.J. Long (RRA)
Thomas B. Slater (SH)
Charles H. Talbert (PCNT with Colossians, Nov 2007)
Frank Thielman (BECNT, Nov 2010)
Max Turner (NIGTC)
Max Turner (THNTC)
John Webster (BTCB)
Peter S. Williamson (CCSS)
Thomas M. Winger (Conc)
Ben Witherington III and Darlene Hyatt (SRC, Dec 2007)
Paul Wolfe (NAC)

Linda Belleville (NCC)
Richard T. Cassidy (PCNT, includes Philemon)
Lynn Cohick (RF)
Philip Comfort (CBC, bound with Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon, Thessalonians)
Charles B. Cousar (NTL, Apr 2009, bound with Philemon)
George Guthrie (ZEC)
Dennis Hamm (CCSS, with Colossians, Philemon)
George Hansen (PNTC, Oct or Nov 2009)
Paul A. Holloway (H)
George Hunsinger (BTCB)
Mark Keown (EEC, 2016)
John G. Nordling (Conc)
John Reumann (AYB, July 2008)
Todd D. Still (SH)
J. Ross Wagner (BHGNT)
D.F. Watson (RRA)
N.T. Wright (ICC)
Gordon Zerbe (BCBC)

Colossians, Philemon:
Peter T. O'Brien and Clinton Arnold (WBC, 2nd ed.) [Arnold will be revising O'Brien's work] (Nov 2010)
Greg Beale (BECNT)
Michael Bird (NCC)
Richard T. Cassidy (PCNT, Philippians and Philemon)
Lorin Cranford, Colossians (SH)
Charles B. Cousar (NTL, Apr 2009, not Colossians, just Philippians and Philemon)
Peter Davids (CBC, bound with Ephesians, Thessalonians)
Seth Ehorn (EEC, Philemon only, 2011)
Dennis Hamm (CCSS, with Philippians)
Michael Holmes and Cathy Wright (BHGNT)
H. Wayne House (EEC, Colossians only)
R.R. Jeal (RRA)
Scot McKnight (NICNT replacement); see here
Douglas Moo (PNTC, July 2008)
David Pao (ZEC)
Risto Saarinen, Philemon (BTCB, Oct 2008, bound with I & II Timothy)
Chris Seitz, Colossians (BTCB)
Todd D. Still, Philippians and Philemon (SH)
Jerry L. Sumney (just Colossians, NTL, Oct 2008)
Charles H. Talbert (PCNT, Ephesians and Colossians, Oct 2007)
Ben Witherington III and Darlene Hyatt (SRC, Dec 2007)

R.S. Ascough (RRA)
Philip Comfort (CBC, bound with Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians)
Karl P. Donfried (ICC)
Douglas Farrow (BTCB)
Gordon Fee (NICNT, July 2009)
David Garland (NCC)
Charles A. Gieschen (Conc)
James H. Grant, Jr. (PTW)
E. Elizabeth Green [E. Elizabeth Johnson?] (NTL)
C. Andrew Johnson (THNTC)
F.F. Bruce and Seyoon Kim (WBC 2nd ed., May 2011)
Helmut Koester (H)
Willi Marxsen (CC)
Gary Shogren (ZEC)
Todd D. Still (PCNT)
Anthony Thiselton (BBC, Dec 2010)
Robert Thomas (EEC, 2016)
Jeffrey Weima (BECNT)

Pastoral Epistles:
Greg Beale (ZEC)
Linda Belleville, I Timothy (CBC, bound with II Timothy, Titus, Hebrews)
Aida Besancon-Spencer (NCC)
Benjamin Fiore (SP, Oct 2007)
W. Hulitt Gloer (SH)
Christopher R. Hutson (PCNT)
Jon C. Laansma, II Timothy and Titus (CBC, bound with I Timothy, Hebrews)
Abraham Malherbe (H)
Stanley Porter (BECNT)
Philip Ryken, I Timothy (REC; soon?)
Risto Saarinen, I-II Timothy (BTCB, Oct 2008, bound with Philemon)
Jay Twomey (BBC)
Robert Wall and Richard B. Steele (THNTC)
Terry Wilder, Mentor (Christian Focus)
Ben Witherington (LHNT, Nov 2006)
Dennis Wretlind & Steve Stanley (EEC, 2016)
Robert Yarbrough (PNTC)
Paul Zehr (BCBC)

Loveday Alexander (ICC) [conflicting report: Williamson (Ronald Williamson?)]
David L. Allen (NAC, August 2008)
Browne? (BNTC, saw listed for Oct 2005 but no sign of it yet)
D.A. Carson (BECNT)
Gary Cockerill (NICNT replacement; see here)
Buist Fanning (EEC, projected for 2015)
George Guthrie (CBC)
Scott Hahn and Mary Healy (CCSS)
R. Hall (RRA)
David Hart (BTCB)
Robert Jewett (NCBC)
Edgar McKnight (SH)
J. Ramsay Michaels (CBC, bound with I-II Timothy, Titus)
Alan Mitchell (SP, May 2007)
Douglas Moo (ZEC)
Steve Motyer (THNTC)
Peter T. O'Brien (PNTC, 3/1/2010)
Tom Thatcher (NCC)
James W. Thompson (PCNT, Oct 2008)
Cindy Westfall (BHGNT)
Ben Witherington (LHNT with James and Jude, Dec 2007)

A.K.M. Adam (BHGNT)
Dale Allison (ICC)
Bill Baker (THNTC)
John Dickson (RF, spring/summer 2011)
Daniel Doriani (REC, Feb 2007)
Timothy George (BTCB)
Joel B. Green (NTL)
Pablo Jimenez (NCC)
John S. Kloppenborg (H)
Dan G. McCartney (BECNT, Nov 2009)
Scot McKnight (NICNT replacement, Dec 2010)
Grant Osborne (CBC, bound with I-II Peter, Jude, Revelation)
John Painter (PCNT, bound with David DeSilva on Jude)
William Varner (EEC, 2012)
W.H. Wachob (RRA)
Ben Witherington (LHNT with Hebrews and Jude, Dec 2007)

I Peter:
David deSilva (ECC)
D. deSilva (RRA)
Mark Dubis (BHGNT)
Ed Glenny (EEC, 2015)
Eric Greaux (NCC)
Joel Green (THNTC, Nov 2007)
Scott Hafemann (PNTC)
Doug Harink (BTCB, Nov 2009) with II Peter
David Horrell (ICC)
Daniel Keating (CCSS, with II Peter, Jude)
Troy Martin (NIGTC)
Dale A. Meyer (Conc)
Carey C. Newman (SH) [according to their website; older source had Earl Richard]
Grant Osborne (CBC, bound with James, II Peter, Jude, Revelation)
Duane F. Watson (PCNT, bound with Terrance Callan on II Peter)
Michael Wilkins (ZEC, projected for 2011)
Ben Witherington (LHNT with II Peter, Jan 2008)

II Peter and Jude:
Herb Bateman (EEC, 2 volumes: II Peter TBA, Jude 2015)
Richard Bauckham (WBC 2nd ed., Oct 2009)
Terrance Callan (PCNT on II Peter, bound with Duane Watson on I Peter)
T. Callan (RRA on II Peter)
Peter Davids (BHGNT, see here)
David A. deSilva (PCNT on Jude, bound with John Painter on James)
Lewis R. Donelson (NTL)
Norman Ericson (CBC, bound with James, I Peter, Revelation)
Curtis P. Giese (Conc)
Gene Green (BECNT, Nov 2008)
Scott Hafemann (NIGTC)
Doug Harink, II Peter (BTCB, Nov 2009) with I Peter
Robert Harvey and Philip Towner (IVPNTC, May 2009)
Daniel Keating (CCSS, with I Peter)
Andrew Mbuvi (NCC)
Watson E. Mills (SH) [according to their website; older source had Earl Richard]
B.A. Pearson (H)
Ruth-Anne Reese (THNTC, Oct 2007)
Robert Webb (NICNT)
R. Webb (RRA on Jude)
Ben Witherington (on Jude with Hebrews and James, LHNT, Dec 2007)
Ben Witherington (on II Peter with I Peter, LHNT, Nov 2007)
Robert Yarbrough (ZEC)

I-III John:
Paul N. Anderson (THNTC)
D.A. Carson (NIGTC, not before 2012)
Gary Derickson (EEC, 2012)
Karen Jobes (ZEC)
Peter Rhea Jones (SH)
Judith M. Lieu (NTL, Sept 2008)
Sam Ngewa (NCC)
George L. Parsenios (PCNT)
Michael Root (BTCB)
Bruce G. Schuchard (Conc)
Elizabeth Schussler Fiorenza (WeBC)
Stephen Smalley (WBC, 2nd ed., Nov 2008 )
D. Moody Smith (ICC)
Urban C. von Wahlde (ECC) (Oct 2010)
Duane F. Watson (NCBC)
D.F. Watson (RRA)
Ben Witherington (LHNT, Nov 2006)
Robert Yarbrough (BECNT, Nov 2008)

Brian K. Blount (NTL, May 2009)
D.A. Carson (PNTC replacement)
D. deSilva (RRA)
David deSilva (SRC, 2008; see here)
Buist Fanning (ZEC)
Gordon Fee (NCC, Oct 2010)
Steven J. Friesen (PCNT)
Jim Hamilton (PTW)
Jonathan Knight (Readings, March 2010)
Craig Koester (AYB replacement)
Joseph Mangina (BTCB, Nov 2009)
M. Robert Mulholland (CBC, bound with James, I-II Peter, Jude)
Paige Patterson (NAC)
James Resseguie (narrative commentary, Baker, April 2009)
Elizabeth Schussler Fiorenza (H)
Rebecca Skaggs and Priscilla Benham (PC, April 2009)
Mike Stallard (EEC, projected for 2017)
John Christopher Thomas and Frank Macchia (THNTC)
Peter S. Williamson (CCSS)=[


Wow, I can't believe you did that all in one day. This will be an amazingly helpful resource, and I am tremendously grateful, Jeremy. There, aren't you proud that I got your name right finally? :-)

Thank - you for your efforts. It is a ministry to help God's servants spend their money wisely.

Listing forthcoming commentarie in Canonnical order is very helpful.

In Christ, John

A few updates of which I am aware: Dr. Lig Duncan is not going to be editing the ACCS volume on Kings-Nehemiah (I don't know who is replacing him, but I do know that there is a replacement editor). Johnson's NTL volume on Hebrews is out. Phillips's REC volume on Hebrews is scheduled for 9/2006.

Hi there, thanks for a great resource. I just learned that A.K.M.Adam is working on the volume on James for the Baylor Handbook on the Greek New Testament. See the previously published volumes on 1,2&3John (1-932792-08-2) and on Acts (0-918954-90-8).

Phil Ryken will be doing 1 Timothy for the REC.

Phil Ryken will also be doing Luke for the REC.

Towner's commentary on the pastorals is out.

Longman on Proverbs is out.

Jewett on Romans is out, as well as Williamson on Isaiah 1-5

I talked to L. Russ Bush and he told me that he is not doing the Psalms commentary for NAC anymore, but his commentary on the Psalms will probably come out by someone else

Jason, do you know if he's going to be doing the whole book or just the portion he was assigned for NAC?


My understanding was that originally he was doing both volumes for the NAC, but I may be wrong. My impression was that his work was on the entire Psalms.

I know that Jerry Shepherd is doing Psalms 90-150, so I thought maybe they'd both been assigned different sections of the book. Maybe Shepherd only came along after Bush was no longer doing it, though.

Here are some updates for you: Propp on Exodus is out; Ryken on Exodus is out, Leithart on Kings is out; Konkel on Kings is out, Balentine on Job is out, Clines on Job 21-37 is out; Longman on Proverbs is out; Goldingay/Payne on Isaiah 40-55 is out; George Klein is doing the NAC volume on Zechariah, due out 8/5/2007; Larry Walker on Isaiah 1-39 (NAC) is out; Waltke on Micah is out; Luz on Matthew 1-7 is out; Hauerwas on Matthew is out; Boring on Mark is out; ACCS on John (both volumes) and Acts are out; Jewett on Romans is out; Thiselton's shorter commentary on 1 Cor is out; EBC Ephesians-Philemon is out; Towner on Pastorals is out; Phillips on Hebrews (REC) is out; Doriani on James is out; Davids on 2 Peter-Jude is out; Boxall on Revelation is out

Larry Walker on Isaiah 1-39 (NAC) cannot be out. Larry Walker isn't doing that one anymore. Gary Smith is. Amazon insists on listing it as Walker, even though I have pointed them to the Holman website that has the cover with Smith's name on it. I'm not sure what their problem is. Is Smith's out, then?

Thanks for the date update on Klein. I had last heard July for that.

I think I've said this before, but I don't update indicating that something is out. I simply give the release date. After something has been out for six months or a year, I might remove it, depending on the series. (Why the series matters is because I don't have any other list of some of these series, and until I get around to putting a post together on a particular series I prefer to leave them together here so I have it all in once place.)

Amazon has partially corrected the page for the NAC Isaiah volume. They list Gary Smith as the author, but the picture with Larry Walker's name hasn't changed.

I've just listed on the NT Resources site some of the vols in the new Baylor Handbook on the Greek NT series:

SAVE $$$ on COMMENTARIES: I've just bought 50 commentaries on most books of the Bible, after having compared various "Book Purchasing Comparison" websites (they're like shopping search engines). By far the most comprehensive is Bookfinder4U (I have NO affiliation with them), as they list the best prices on any book by comparing 130 on-line booksellers (like Amazon,, eBay [buy-it-now listings], Powell's, Alibris, etc.). Go to, enter the title and author, and you've just found the best price in America! Happy shopping.

Jeremy, thanks for this great compilation.

Sidney Greidanus' book Preaching Christ from Genesis: Foundations for Expository Sermons just came out this month. Owning it and having skimmed it, it is extremely helpful even for those who don't find it necessary to explicitly preach Christ from the OT.

The major benefit of the work is that it clearly identifies the original purpose of 21 Genesis narratives. The author's purpose is the basis for application. It is refreshing that, for application, he avoids merely universaling the plot line.

Great list!

Correction: Under Exodus, it is S. Dean McBride, Jr. who is preparing the Hermeneia volume. He was my doctoral advisor.

Brian, I do have him listed. Or does his first initial not stand for 'Sean'? What I had for him was "Sean D. McBride".

Amazon has a listing for 1 Corithians by Joseph Fitzmyer coming out this December. I did not see this on your list.

Thanks, John. I had heard that Eisenbrauns was listing it but must have had to restart my computer in between receiving that comment and updating the information. Now that Amazon has it, I think we can be pretty sure it's correct, so thanks for the reminder and the notice of an additional source of info.

Jeremy, Dovebooks has a release date for Yarbrough on 1-3 John of August, 2008.

wow, you're amazing--you even knew about the new paideia series.
keep it up!


RT France, Matthew, NICNT is out.

Ron: Yes, I have its publication date listed above. I got it when it came out, but I've had little opportunity to look at it in detail.

Woodhouse on 1 Samuel (PTW) is out. Also, Dovebooks has an August release date for McHugh on John 1-4 (ICC).

Apparently, Gordon Fee's commentary on Galatians is available.

Gordon D. Fee, Galatians. ISBN 978-1-905679-02-7
A Pentecostal commentary on Paul's Letter to the Galatians.

But I can't seem to find it anywhere, except here:

Anyone got more info?

Thanks, sean D.

Well, Amazon is listing it, and so is CBD, which lists it due out on May 30 (but Amazon says they have two in stock). Google has a few pages of people listing the ISBN-13 and some more listing the ISBN-10.

You should add J. Pelikan to Acts (BTCB)

That's not forthcoming. He's not revising it already, is he?

Apparently Linda Belleville is no longer doing the WBC on 1 Corinthians, Andrew Clark from Aberdeen is now doing 1 Cor. So I don't know where you got Belleville releasing in June next year...?

ciao, sean D.

Sean, I got it from the publishers' website. I know they change these things, and it may have been a while since that site was updated, but can you tell me where you got this information so I know it's more recent and reliable than the publisher's own site?

According to Amazon you can pre-order 1 Corinthians in the WBC by Linda Belville.

Norman Kretzmann published two of his intended three volumes on Thomas Aquinas' natural theology in the Summa Contra Gentiles, and he died without getting very much at all done on his intended third volume. Amazon had it listed for pre-order something like eight years after he had died. So a listing on Amazon isn't very definitive. They have it up there based on the publisher listing on the website, almost certainly.

According to Michael Bird, Belleville is no longer doing the 1 Corinthians commentary in the WBC. This was confirmed by at least one of the commentors on the post.

Jeremy, Dan Doriani's Matthew commentary is scheduled to be released in December of this year.

Great resource! Lawson Stone is working on the Joshua replacement for NICOT.

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