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This is a list of the current and forthcoming commentaries in the Tyndale Old and New Testament Commentaries. For more series, see my post on commentary series.

The Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries (TOTC) and Tyndale New Testament Commentaries (TNTC) are some of the best basic level commentaries out there. The perspective is fairly conservative and clearly evangelical, and the intent is to package careful research into a popular-level commentary that can be read cover to cover fairly easily by someone with no background in academic work in biblical studies. It's not as basic as the NIVAC or BST series, but that just means it's more helpful to someone seeking a little more reasoning behind the exegesis and interpretation taken in the commentary. Many of the authors are top scholars who have also written detailed commentaries, usually on other books.

A few volumes stand out as particularly excellent. All of the ones by Joyce Baldwin are great (Samuel, Esther, Daniel, Haggai-Zechariah-Malachi). Selman's two volumes on Chronicles and Hubbard's lengthy volume on Hosea were allowed far more space than normally happens in this series. Colin Kruse's new one on John is the best basic level commentary on John, and John Stott's volume on I-III John is probably the same for that book. I've seen some refer to I. Howard Marshall on Acts as the best commentary in the series, though I think I'd reserve that for Stott's. Derek Kidner did some fine work for this series too (Genesis, Ezra-Nehemiah, Psalms, Proverbs), though his are probably among the most dated in the series.

The following list is in canonical order. If you prefer to see the volumes in their chronological release order (as best as I can reconstruct), see here.

Genesis, Derek Kidner (1967)
Exodus, R. Alan Cole (1973)
Leviticus, R.K. Harrison (1980)
Numbers, Gordon Wenham (1981)
Deuteronomy, John A. Thompson (1974)
Joshua, Richard Hess (1996)
Judges/Ruth, Arthur Cundall/Leon Morris (1968)
Samuel, Joyce Baldwin (1989)
Kings, Donald Wiseman (1993)
I Chronicles, Martin Selman (1994)
II Chronicles, Martin Selman (1994)
Ezra/Nehemiah, Derek Kidner (1979)
Esther, Joyce Baldwin (1984)
Job, Francis Andersen (1976)
Psalms 1-72, Derek Kidner (1973)
Psalms 73-150, Derek Kidner (1975)
Proverbs, Derek Kidner (1964)
Ecclesiastes, Michael Eaton (1983)
Song of Solomon, G. Lloyd Carr (1984)
Isaiah, J. Alec Motyer (1999)
Jeremiah/Lamentations, R.K. Harrison (1973)
Ezekiel, John B. Taylor (1969)
Daniel, Joyce Baldwin (1978)
Hosea, David Allan Hubbard (1990)
Joel and Amos, David Allan Hubbard (1989)
Obadiah/Jonah/Micah: David Baker/T. Desmond Alexander/Bruce Waltke (1989)
Nahum/Habakkuk/Zephaniah, David Baker (1989)
Haggai/Zechariah/Malachi, Joyce Baldwin (1972)

Matthew, Randolph V.G. Tasker (1962)
Matthew, R.T. France (1987)
Mark, R. Alan Cole (1973)
Mark, 2nd ed., R. Alan Cole (1990)
Luke, Leon Morris (1974)
Luke, 2nd ed., Leon Morris (1988)
John, R. Tasker (1960)
John, Colin Kruse (2004)
Acts, I. Howard Marshall (1980)
Romans, F.F. Bruce (1963)
Romans, 2nd ed., F.F. Bruce (1986)
I Corinthians, Leon Morris (1958)
I Corinthians, 2nd ed., Leon Morris (1987)
II Corinthians, Randolph V.G. Tasker (1958)
II Corinthians, Colin Kruse (1987)
Galatians, R. Alan Cole (1964)
Galatians, 2nd ed., R. Alan Cole (1989)
Ephesians, Francis Foulkes
Ephesians, 2nd ed., Francis Foulkes
Philippians, Ralph Martin
Philippians, 2nd ed., Ralph Martin
Colossians/Philemon, Herbert M. Carson (1966)
Colossians/Philemon, N.T. Wright (1988)
Thessalonians, Leon Morris (1966)
Thessalonians, 2nd ed., Leon Morris (1989)
Pastorals, Donald Guthrie (1960)
Pastorals, 2nd ed., Donald Guthrie (1988)
Hebrews, Herbert M. Carson (1960)
Hebrews, Donald Guthrie (1983)
James, Randolph V.G. Tasker (1957)
James, Douglas Moo (1986)
I Peter, Alan Marshall Stibbs (1959)
I Peter, Wayne Grudem (1988)
II Peter/Jude, Michael Green (1968)
II Peter/Jude, 2nd ed., Michael Green (1987)
I-III John, John Stott (1964)
I-III John, 2nd ed., John Stott (1988)
Revelation, Leon Morris (1969)
Revelation, 2nd ed., Leon Morris (1987)

Forthcoming volumes:

I have heard that the Old Testament volumes will begin to be revised or replaced. Here is the list of volumes I have heard about so far:

Ezra-Nehemiah, Mark Boda

The New Testament revision/replacement process is now complete with Kruse's replacement for Tasker on John. I don't know if the editors are planning to replace the older ones among the now-revised NT series.

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