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TrekToday announces that plans are underway for an 11th Star Trek film. They're saying it will include Kirk and Spock in their days at Starfleet Academy and their first mission together. I don't know what to think about it except that I'm glad that Rick Berman seems to be completely out of the loop [Update: Berman's noninvolvement has now been confirmed]. The producers of Lost are involved, and since I've never seen that show I have no idea if that's a good thing. This could be very teenybopperish, ala Roswell, so I hope they think carefully about how to make it something the fans will actually like. The premise doesn't sound all that thrilling so far, and they're going to need to work hard to avoid some of the criticism Enterprise gathered due to things they did that seemed to change the past rather than anticipate what we already knew (though the fourth season entirely made up and then some for anything they did along those lines in the first three seasons). I'll watch it, of course, because it's Star Trek, but I'm going to need to see a good deal more that sounds remotely interesting if I'm going to get really excited about it. I am glad that they haven't abandoned this franchise in the film venue, as CBS seems to be forcing them to do in the TV medium. I just hope they don't flub it. It is, after all, odd-numbered, and no odd-numbered movie in this franchise has been better than any even-numbered movie. If they stick with the trend, this will at best be middle of the pack, right between Insurrection (the best odd one) and Nemesis (the worst even one). It would be nice if they could actually break that trend sometime.

Update: Abrams says the report isn't entirely accurate, but he isn't confirming or denying anything in particular.

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Star Trek XI from Living Better BLOG on July 23, 2006 3:47 AM

A new Star Trek movie will be released on 2008. Read this news. Since ST: Enterprise was cancelled, my fervor to Sci-Fi was gone. Now it is coming back. And the official website of XI. On imdb page, it says Matt Damon acts as Captain James T. Kirk. It ... Read More


I am a not-so-closet fan of Star Trek, as are my husband and children. Glad to see there's someone else who's glad we are not at the end of the story.

It sounds promising -- the franchise needs something other than another weak TNG movie. I always get my hopes up and I'm always disappointed. But I'll keep my fingers crossed for something as well done as IV and as genuine-Star-Trek as II. And, besides, even the bad stuff is usually tolerable, even if it occasionally causes a whince or two -- the franchise usually fails by taking a what would be a decent two-part TV episode and trying to make it a big-screen movie.

I think you're right that the fourth season of Enterprise made up for lots of its failings (I'm not sure I'd add 'and then some', since it had a lot of failings to make up for) -- it's not usually given its due, which is a bit sad: had it been the first season, or even spread out over the first two seasons with mediocre episodes intermingled, it would have been a rock-solid beginning. I think a lot of people just felt it was too little too late.

I'd have a hard time taking such a low view of season 4. After the final 10-part season finale of DS9, I consider the final season of Enterprise (except the second part of the two-part season premiere and entirety of the awful finale, which was Star Trek V bad) to be the second best run Star Trek has ever had.

I also don't think they had all that much to make up for anyway. The first two seasons were pretty good, at least as good as Voyager, but when that show got better in the second half of the show it wasn't as much better as Enterprise got. Most fan complaints have usually been unfair, though there were a few things that I wondered how they'd resolve. Most of what they did I liked. Then the third season came, and it was at a whole new level, almost as good as the later seasons of Ds9 but not quite. Aside from a few minor criticisms here or there, the whole Xindi storyline was really well done. But season 4 really shocked me with how good it was. I expected it to get better with Manny Coto at the helm and Braga and Berman consigned to oversight only, but I didn't expect anything on the order of what happned. It's too bad Berman and Braga couldn't let Coto end the series in a decent way.

Personally, I think it's a shame that they'll never make a DS9 movie, since I think that DS9 was by far the best Trek series of them all. Even so, I think this has promise if it's done well. There are several issues that will have to be handled well lest the filmakers face the ire of all the fanboys out there. There's the issue of casting (finding actors that bear a close enough resemblance to Shatner and Nimoy) as well as the issue of how to handle technology (will the tech look more like TOS or Enterprise? Personally, I don't have too much of a problem with the updated looking tech even though part of me is a purist).

At first glance there would seem to be some continuity issues, since, apparently according to TOS, Kirk and Spock served on different ships early in their career. Wherever the first mission together takes place, it can't be the Enterprise since Spock was serving on the Enterprise before Kirk was Captain, and Kirk served on several other ships before becoming captain of the Enterprise.

Writers have often found interesting (if not always convincing) ways to tell their stories without messing with continuity. I'll have to wait and see what they have in mind here.

By the way, I must say that Parableman is a neat find for me. It's great to see people sharing the same interest that I share (ethical discussions, Sci-Fi, and Kansas). Like Elijah, I thought I was alone in the world.

What they really need to do is figure out how to transition to the simpler aesthetic of less complicated-looking interfaces and make reference to why people prefer simpler graphics on displays. They did that in the DS9 episode with the Tribbles, and they need to do it from the other end from Enterprise.

I imagine this doesn't have to do with serving on the same ship.

I would have said that Enterprise didn't get as good as Voyager (despite Voyager's obvious failure to fulfill its potential) until the Xindi arc gave the crew some purpose. (Although I think it has to be admitted by that the episodes involving the Andorians were consistently rather good -- one of the smartest things they did in the third season was to bring Shran into the arc.) But that may just be due the fact that I have a higher tolerance for Voyager's flaws than most people seem to.

I think the real problem with the series was that its characterization, particularly of Archer, was extremely weak and clumsy. Setting aside the relatively minor continuity problems (which were certainly nowhere near Voyager's inability to be consistent even with itself), I think most of the hatred for the show came from a dislike of Archer (and to a lesser extent T'pol). Given this, the fourth season had not only to build a solid set of stories but had to redeem Archer to a lot of fans, and I don't think it ever managed to do so. For instance, there were a lot of people who, despite liking the idea of the fourth season Vulcan episodes, were furious at the role it gave Archer -- savior of Vulcan and bearer of Surak's katra -- feeling that an otherwise good story was ruined by jury-rigging it so that Archer did everything important, without there being any obvious reason why. The latter was a common complaint throughout the series.

But it must be admitted that there's no doubt that a few of the episodes in season four rank up there among some of the best that have ever been done. ("In a Mirror Darkly," in particular.)

I think the problem with the finale was simply that it was extremely stupid to make it a finale. It would have been decent as a regular season episode -- indeed, while not even approaching the quality of the mirror universe episodes, it probably would have been a fan favorite. As a finale it just comes across as weak, poorly done, and condescending.

I agree with Matt that it's sad there won't be a DS9 movie. I never really liked DS9 as a whole, but it had some awesome writing, and "Far Beyond the Stars" is one of the best episodes, and perhaps the best episode, in a science fiction show, ever.

I wrote an open letter to JJ suggesting what he should do to make it good hehe.

I doubt he will care - but it was just for my own sanity.

Chris, I finally got around to reading your open letter, and I have to say that I disagree with something like half of what you say.

There's no way he's going to be able to please all the fans' desires. Many fans are like you in saying Nemesis is the worst of Trek and thinking there's virtually nothing redeemable about Enterprise. Otherse are like me in putting Nemesis above all the odd-numbered films and generally liking Enterprise, which I think got better each year to the point of having a final season that was second only to the end of DS9 in the whole franchise. He can't do this to please the fans. He can do it to tell a good story, as evaluated by him and the people hiring him, and he might please many people, but there's no way he's going to satisfy everyone at this point. The things I like most about this franchise are things you're telling him not to do (i.e. real scifi as opposed to mere space dramas).

I believe that I agree with Jeremy on the subject he ended with. The "real sci-fi" is more creative than "mere space dramas", and that allows for ingenuity and new aspects instead of the the same plots of the everyday drama. I also agree that nemesis was one of the better movies period discounting odd or even. It is also impossible to meet every fans view of where this movie should go as opposed to where it will go, as long as there is not the same "atmosphere" as a series episode but rather the surprising continuity of the movies to rival the "power" of God and keep humanity on a quest without near future resolution.
Hopefully, they will realize the fan base and keep to tradition of not only great story telling, but also innovative explanations of theories and flexible flow with current timeline and history already designed. The potentially greatest failure of this movie would be to brake away from the understandings and beliefs the past creators and directors set as precedence. I will die a star trek fan and I will live carrying the theme of continued human self exploration, and share the interest of human understanding as this new movie should post as a great banner on it's trailer vid.

I must say, I don't agree with most of what I have read here. I too will die a Star Trek fan, There are some Star Trek movies that are better than others, but I enjoyed them all! If Star Trek XI is a bridge between TOS and Enterprise, I'll be very happy. I read all the paperbacks and I can tell you, there have been three different books about the First meeting of Kirk and Spock,,, I don't care that they are all different, I enjoyed them all. As for TV shows, DS9 was the least of my interests. I got excited over Enterprise, and was very dissappointed, but I still watched it... I did like the Arc in the 3rd season but the story was still weak,,,, however, I enjoyed the 4th season and was looking forward to a lot of questions being answered, That didn't happen... and the final show...stole an hour of my life. I am looking forward to XI, I'll see the movie in the Theatre, at least once, and I'll buy the DVD.
Go get'em J.J.

My perspective of things will be different to others, which makes us all individuals. Star Trek is adaptable, past, present or future that is what makes it work. Enterprise tried to bring in all the story lines we know from previous series and movies, especially from “First Contact” but left me longing for more. Maybe Star Trek XI is going to answer all the questions we did not get in Enterprise, I hope so otherwise it could flop. I have just re-watched, Star Trek, Generations, DS9, Voyager and now Enterprise again, and still find new things in them and still have many unanswered questions, but I gather that is for a different forum.

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