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My searches list has gotten quite long, so here are a few more than usual:

why do christians have pleasure
Could it be because Christians are human beings just like anyone else?

nationality of the Londo name
Centauri. If you know enough about the show to know about Londo, shouldn't you know what planet he's from?

biologically who determines your race
That would be your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.

how much money should Christians spend on vacations?
Do you want an exact number? And do you want that number to include the total number spent by all Christians across all time? I think it will take awhile to calculate that based on the detailed equations in Paul's second letter to the Mathematicians.

what is my midichlorian count
Zero, the same as everyone else's. Midichlorians are fictional entities.

Here's one for furthering Wink's discussion of whether Jesus committed suicide:
did God murder jesus
It doesn't go quite as far as claiming that God committed cosmic child abuse, but it raises similar questions.

what obstacles did Colin Powell overcome being a black man trying to become Secretary of State
None that I know of. He was overwhelmingly confirmed. His race-related obstacles were earlier in life, unless you count the racist views that don't tolerate black Republicans. But none of that affected his confirmation hearings.

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