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This is a list of the current and forthcoming commentaries in the NIV Application Commentary. For more series, see my post on commentary series.

The NIV Application Commentaries (NIVAC) are truly of their own category. After what's usually a fairly brief exposition of what the text says in its original context, there's a section raising considerations on how we should bridge from that context to our own, and then a third section presents some ways to apply the text in our own context. This is an admirable aim, since it gives a model for how each person should be reading the Bible with an aim to applying it in our own contexts. The downside is that the author isn't in exactly our context, and we have to do that kind of work ourselves and not allow a commentary to do it for us, or else we won't have truly bridged the contextual gap from the text to our own context. But the model presented in these volumes is often very helpful to begin that work.

There's much of value in these commentaries, even if the exposition itself is fairly brief, since it's not really much briefer than most basic level commentaries, but the additional portions are extra help in matters that commentaries don't often deal with. With caution, they can be quite helpful. The NT is finished, with the OT coming along pretty quickly.

Volumes released:

Genesis, John Walton (2001)
Exodus, Peter Enns (2000)
Leviticus-Numbers, Roy Gane (2004)
Judges-Ruth, K. Lawson Younger (2002)
Samuel, Bill Arnold (2003)
Chronicles, Andrew Hill (2003)
Esther, Karen Jobes (1999)
Psalms 1-72, Gerald Wilson (2002)
Proverbs, Paul Koptak (2003)
Ecclesiastes/Song of Songs, Iain Provan (2001)
Isaiah, John Oswalt (2003)
Jeremiah-Lamentations, Andrew Dearman (2002)
Ezekiel, Iain Duguid (1999)
Daniel, Tremper Longman (1999)
Hosea/Amos/Micah, Gary Smith (2001)
Joel/Obadiah/Malachi, David Baker (2006)
Jonah/Nahum/Habakkuk/Zephaniah, James Bruckner (2004)
Haggai-Zechariah, Mark Boda (2004)
Kings, Gus Konkel (2006)

Matthew, Michael Wilkins (2004)
Mark, David Garland (1996)
Luke, Darrell Bock (1996)
John, Gary Burge (2000)
Acts, Ajith Fernando (1998)
Romans, Douglas Moo (2000)
I Corinthians, Craig Blomberg (1994)
II Corinthians, Scott Hafemann (2000)
Galatians, Scot McKnight (1995)
Ephesians, Klyne Snodgrass (1996)
Philippians, Frank Thielman (1995)
Colossians/Philemon, David Garland (1998)
Thessalonians, Michael Holmes (1998)
Pastoral Epistles, Walter Liefeld (1999)
Hebrews, George Guthrie (1998)
James, David Nystrom (1997)
I Peter, Scot McKnight (1996)
II Peter/Jude, Douglas Moo (1996)
I-III John, Gary Burge (1996)
Revelation, Craig Keener (2000)

Forthcoming volumes:
Deuteronomy, Daniel Block
Joshua, Robert Hubbard, Jr.
Ezra-Nehemiah, Douglas Green
Job, Dennis Magary
Psalms 73-150, Jamie Grant


Do you know when Deuteronomy will be out?

No idea, sorry. I just found out today that Baker's Joel/Obadiah/Malachi is now out, and I know Psalms 73-150 is a long way off. I know nothing about when the others are expected.

I'm very much awaiting Deuteronomy myself, and I know he's put in much time already researching and writing it while he was at Tyndale House, so I doubt it will be very long.

Why do you assume Wilson's Pss 73-150 will be reassigned?

See the discussion on Tyler Williams' notice of his death. The short of it is that I didn't think he'd been able to get very far, since I thought he'd been focusing mostly on his Job commentary since the completion of his first volume on Psalms.

What I hadn't seen when I wrote this post was the comment from his student that he was halfway done with it. I was assuming he'd only gotten a little way into it. I wonder now if they'll find someone to finish it for him and do the final editing of the work that he did do. They may not use it at all, but I hope they do. His first volume is often the first place I look on the psalms that it contains.

Wilson did not get very far with his second volume. He had actually only written on 8 psalms in the new volume. The volume has been reassigned to Jamie Grant. He was chosen because he will pretty much follow in the Wilson tradition and the second volume will complement the first.

Joshua has been reassigned to Robert Hubbard.

It will be yet a couple of years before Deuteronomy comes out.

Thanks for the info. I knew most of what you said about the first two items (they're in my forthcoming commentaries posts) but just hadn't thought to update this post too. I should probably do that now.

The extra detail on the 8 psalms is nice to know. Is that going to appear in the volume in its current form or revised by Grant, or is it just going to be scrapped?

I was kind of hoping Block's Deuteronomy would be out by early 2008, because that's when I'll likely be ready to start studying that book. I still hope it's close enough to that that I can wait it out and use his commentary.

The Hubbard reassignment is actually a reversion. He was the original contracted author for that volume. At some point it got switched to Daniel Hawk, but since only very recently Hubbard now has the contract again.

According to the new academic Zondervan catalog I received, Gus Konkel's 1 and 2 Kings is slated to be released in November of this year.

Dennis, that's what I have for that too. I hadn't updated this page yet, though, so thanks for the reminder.

I just finished reading all of these commentaries that are out thus far. Any updates on the others yet?

I believe Konkel on Kings is now out. I haven't heard about any others on the near horizon. Deuteronomy, Joshua, and Psalms 73-150 should all be a ways off. I don't know anything about when Ezra-Nehemiah and Job should be out.

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