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Condi Rice said she never experienced racism
Not likely. Why would someone who was a child in the South in a major period of racial unrest lie about something like that?

yes a christian nation should support hangings
Shouldn't faithful theonomists insist on executing only by means of stoning?

What did Rosa Parks do that was an example of taking a stand?
Actually, I think it was more that she wouldn't stand.

interracial gene
Hey! That makes it so much easier. Now I can know if someone who looks black is really black or interracial. I just find out if they've got the interracial gene! Those who didn't get the gene, regardless of what percentage of their genes came from people of which racial group, are simply not interracial. They've got to belong fully to one category or the other. Those who have the gene, even if they're 99% white in terms of genetic heritage, are interracial. I guess this solves the problem of the vagueness of racial categories. So much for my dissertation. I suppose I need to go back to philosophy of time now.

don't marry a black man
OK, I won't.


"Ok, I won't."


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