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The Christian Carnival updates I post every week have a link to a mailing list that you can join if you want to get emailed announcements every week for where the next carnival will be hosted and the URL of the carnival when it's posted, along with occasionaly information about the carnival for potential hosts and potential authors who would submit entries. It's usually only two or three emails a week.

Anyway, the list hasn't been working lately, and Dory has set up a new one with Google Groups. The link is here. She's allowing anyone to join for now, but she's holding any messages sent to the list for her approval. At some point she will switch things so that she will need to approve of whoever joins and then allow messages to go through without her approval. So if you were on the other list and want to continue getting updates, or if you weren't but would like to anyway, then go ahead and join the Google group. My regular Christian Carnival notices at the beginning of each week will have the new URL. I've already updated the most recent one. For more information on the new list, see Dory's post on this matter.

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