Searching for What?

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Sometimes I don't even know what a search is supposed to be looking for.

aspergers people reproducing no girlfriends
Right, at least on Thursday. Left-handed numbers, however, exist Spiderman a satellite. I said hi.

should black america depend on myers-briggs test?
For what? Tests don't generally count as the sort of thing you can depend on. They don't provide for your basic needs. They don't ensure that your civil rights are being recognized. If the question is just asking if black people are genuinely people and thus should be expected to manifest the different tendencies the test looks for, then the answer is obviously yes. The way it's worded doesn't fit well with that interpretation, but the principle of charity requires me to assume it, since no better interpretation comes to mind. It's pretty sad if something with that obvious an answer is the most charitable interpretation.

deontological whiteness
Can anyone shed any light on this? I'm guessing they were going for ontological whiteness. I searched for the expression in quotes and got nothing, so I imagine I'll now be Googlewhack for this.

church of satin
If that's a typo, it's got to be one of the biggest meaning changes a typo can bring (aside from forgetting a 'not' or something of that order).


Maybe they got confused with dental whiteness and ontology.

aspergers people reproducing no girlfriends

Perhaps they were wondering how people with Asperger syndrome reproduce, since their relative lack of social skills militates against romance.

To be fair, I've often made the same kind of cryptic search, knowing that Google probably wouldn't find a hit if I phrased the question precisely.

I'm guessing they were going for ontological whiteness.

I'm guessing they were going for odontological whiteness.

Given that most people reproduce with husbands or wives rather than girlfriends, I don't think that's it. Given that many people only discover that they have Aperger's because they have autistic children, the whole question seems really strange.

Odontological whiteness makes some sense, except they clicked on my post about race. Of course, maybe they just happened to find the description interesting despite its irrelevance to what they wanted.

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